Hashmi condemns the insulting cartoons of “Iranophobie” by Charlie Hebdo

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Hashmi condemns the insulting cartoons of “Iranophobie” by Charlie Hebdo

Kashmiri based Sociopolitical and Peace activist Sayyed Karar Hashmi studying at Hauza Ilmia Qom said anyone who does not have proof, insults instead of logic, or creates media noise so that people do not hear the truth. France has no right to justify insults to sanctity of other countries and Muslim nations under the pretext of freedom of expression.

He said in a statement that insulting religious and Islamic symbols by Charlie Hebdo magazine, as well as insulting the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution of Iran Sayyed Ali Khamnaie, shows the spirit of hatred and hatred of the Crusader buried in the heart of the Western media.

He observed that satirical magazine of Charlie Hebdo had previously tried to advance the project of Islamophobia by insulting the sacred space of the Prophet of Islam (s.a.w) , has now put the project of Iranophobia on the agenda by insulting the supreme leader of the revolution, Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei.

He also reiterated that Muslims had the faith and morality to prevent them from insulting other people’s beliefs and customs. But it is they (the Westerners) who insult the Messenger of Allah the Prophet Mohammed (s.a.w) and a great Islamic figure Ayotullah Sayyed Ali Khamnaie of Iran.

Hashmi a peace activist from central Kashmir Ganderbal considered the insult of the Supreme Leader of the Revolution by the French publication Charlie Hebdo as a sign of the enemy’s empty hand and anger, and strongly condemned this immoral act of insulting the top religious authority of the world.

He appreciated Tehran for closing the French Institute in response to the sacrilegious caricatures and summoned France’s ambassador to Tehran Nicolas Roche to protest the insulting caricatures.

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