Raju Farooq accord proved disastrous for the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

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Raju Farooq accord proved disastrous for the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

SRINAGAR// Ashok Bhat District President of Bhartiya Janta Party, Srinagar alledged that congress party always preferred their personal and party intrest over the national interests. They have practised this right from the independence of the country. Right from 1947, whenever, congress had to choose between personal/party interest and the interest of the nation they choose to kept the party interest supreme over the national interest.
Mr Bhat said, one such instance is Raju Farooq accord in 1986. The highlight of the accord was to fight the 1987 assembly election in Jammu & Kashmir jointly (Congress and National Conference) and win the same by hook or by crook using National and State Govt machinery for winning. Accordingly, assembly elections were held in 1987 in jammu and kashmir and congress and National conference partnered in the election and shared the assembly seats. Elections were held. Congress/National Conference combine got majority in the assembly by rigging. Centre and state machinery were used ruthlessly keeping all democratic prinicaples aside to win the elections. The hight of the matter is that losers were declared winners and winners were declared losers. Matter did not end there, the actual winners in election were put behind bars for months together along with their polling agents with out any trial.
Mr Bhat said, this proved disastrous for jammu and Kashmir. The jammu and kashmir state which was otherwise a peaceful region since independence got derailed and sank into morass of frestation and redicalizatin.
Mr Bhat said, Raju Farooq was a terning point in History of Jammu and Kashmir and root cause of inception of militancy which continues unabbeted till date. Due to the militancy which started in 1989, round about one lakh people have been killed, equal number have terned orphans or handi capped and thousand have rendered home less.
He further said, that congress after committing blinders, during their rule has left India in mess and have now staged a drama called “Bharat Jodo yatra” .This an eyewash to the people of the contry, otherwise congress has nothing to do with “Bharat Jodo”. The yatra is reaching kashmir in few days from now.I would like to know from Shri Rahul Gandhi what massage he has for the families of killed, orphans,handicapped, and home less people of jammu & kashmir which is outcome of dictatorial
Raju Farooq accord of 1986.

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