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Permanence of Islamic Revolution rooted in Unity

IRAN – Friday Prayer Imam of Yazd City said,” The permanence of the Islamic Revolution is due to the presence of people who have their hearts in this revolution and are doing all their efforts to preserve it.”

Ayatollah Mohammad Reza Nasseri had a meeting with officials of the Intelligence Protection Organization of Al-Ghadir Corps of Yazd province during which he pointed out that there are verses in the Holy Quran about divine protection and stated,” God emphasizes in Surah Luqman that human actions, be it small or great actions, are under his supervision and he will reward and punish such actions.”

He added,” God almighty is present everywhere and oversees our actions; this is emphasized in Surah Yunus, so we must know that we are under the supervision of God and His nobles at all times.”

“God is present in all moments; everything is God and we must obey God. The revolution and our leader was divine, and we should also consider ourselves as divine, and this certainty should not be verbal, this certainty should be ingrained in our hearts.” He added.

Ayatollah Nasseri stated that the work of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards is a work of God and stated,” The secret of the victory of the Iranian nation in 1979 and in the imposed eight-year war was the unity and sympathy of the people, and if there is unity in the first circle, there will be no differences in the subsequent circles.”

He continued,” Love of God, divine intention and divine work cause empathy and unity and this issue should be taken into consideration.”

Ayatollah Nasseri continued,” The permanence of Islamic revolution is due to the presence of people who are committed to this revolution and will do their best to preserve it.

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