Grand Ayat. Makarem Condemns Attack on Shah Cheragh Shrine


Grand Ayat. Makarem Condemns Attack on Shah Cheragh Shrine



IRAN – Senior Shia scholar Grand Ayatollah Nasser Makarem Shirazi issued a message following the terrorist attack on the shrine of Ahmed bin Musa (PBUH) Shah Cheragh which is as follows:


“To God We Belong and To God We Return”


The news of recent attack on the holy shrine of Hazrat Ahmad ibn Musa, peace be upon him, and the martyrdom and injury of a number of compatriots and pilgrims of that sacred shrine caused great shock and sorrow.


Definitely, such crimes were planned and executed by the greedy and depraved owners of black and deviant hearts and minds, who are supported by the sworn enemies of Islam and the noble nation of Iran.


Praise be to Allah, with the sacrifice of loved ones and the brave forces present at the place, a great crime was prevented, but it is necessary for the forces and security and law enforcement officials of Iran to dismantle the foundation of these movements and eliminate such crimes in the bud.


I offer my condolences to the victims of this incident, and I ask for the elevation of the ranks of the martyrs of this crime and the health of the injured from the Almighty God.

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