Thousands  on Friday took to the streets in the parts of the kashmir to voice their protest against Israel’s siege and relentless bombing on the Gaza Strip, demanding an end to the oppression of the innocent Palestinian people.

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The demonstrators raised Palestinian flags and held posters that said ‘From land to the sea, Palestine will be free’ and ‘Stand in solidarity with Palestine’.

In Budgam , a huge rally was held by the Jammu and Kashmir Anjuman-E-Sharie Shian , with scores of women and children in attendance.
Addressing the gathering, Anjuman Sharie Shian President Aga Syed Hassan Mosavi Al-criticised the world community for supporting Israel in its oppression of Palestinians. He demanded that Muslim countries should come together for the Palestinian cause.
“Raising our voices for Palestinians is the responsibility of Muslims and a part of their faith,” he added.

Separately, in Magam of District Budgam supporters took to the streets, demanding Muslim world leaders to “break the chains of silence”
“While Addressing the solidarity March Anjuman Sharie Shian’s Aga Syed Mujtaba Abbas said that this  Quds Day comes during one of the darkest chapters in the history of the Palestinian people. He further said “ permanent humanitarian ceasefire is pre requisite with unrestricted access for lifesaving aid, the release of all hostages, the protection of civilians and an end to violations of international humanitarian law.
“We must be united in demanding an end to the end to the occupation and the blockade of Gaza” he concluded

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