Raeisi inaugurates 2nd phase of Semnan power plant

TEHRAN :– President Ebrahim Raeisi inaugurated the second phase of the Semnan power plant with a capacity of 366 MW on a visit to the northern province on Thursday.

President Ebrahim Raeisi, who arrived in Semnan Province on Thursday morning as the second round of his so-called provincial trips he launched since he assumed office in August 2021, visited different parts of the Shahid Bakeri Combined Cycle Power Plant in Semnan, and inaugurated the second phase of this power plant with a capacity of 366 MW.

Semnan’s Shahid Bakeri Power Plant is one of the leading power plants in supplying electricity to industries and is a combined cycle type with a production capacity of 324 megawatts, including 2 gas units of 162 megawatts, the second phase of which was put into operation with a capacity of 366 megawatts, with the presence of the president, and the capacity of the power plant to 690 megawatts.

This project is one of the country’s major economic projects that contribute to solving the problems of the energy sector, which was put into operation in less than a year with the efforts of the Popular Administration.

Moreover, a ceremony was held to mark the revival of more than 200 fully stagnant units of Semnan province, which have returned to the production cycle during Raeisi’s Administration, attended by the president.


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