Statehood to J&K our commitment, waiting for appropriate time to restore it: PM Modi

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‘Record turnout in Srinagar most satisfactory moment of polls’

Faced criticism for harsh steps, but we saved lives


Jammu,May 17: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said restoration of Statehood to Jammu and Kashmir has been assured in the Parliament and this is his commitment as well but they are waiting for appropriate time to do so even as he strongly appreciated the record voting turnout of 36 percent in Srinagar Parliamentary polls saying it was like a festival there with people singing, clapping, offering tea and celebrating democracy.

In an interview to Aaj Tak news channel, Modi said they have promised restoration of Statehood to Jammu and Kashmir in Parliament and this is their commitment but they are waiting for the right situation.


“The crop of wheat will grow during its season,” he quoted. He referred to some harsh decisions like snapping of internet services in Kashmir which they had to take to save lives of the people. “We faced criticism for snapping internet services but we did it and preventing youth from falling into wrong hands”, he said.

Modi said from 2004 to 2014 many mothers lost their sons while during 2014 to 2024, sons of many mothers were saved.


Referring to a rally addressed by him in Kashmir in March this year, the Prime Minister said this was the first such rally during last 40 years.


The Prime Minister described the highest voting turnout of 36 percent in Srinagar Lok Sabha seat as “most satisfactory event” in the ongoing Parliamentary elections saying this has proved that policies of the Government were right and there was no discrimination on the basis of religion.

“It was like a festival in Srinagar with people singing, clapping, offering tea and celebrating the festival of democracy,” Modi said.


Meanwhile, addressing a mammoth rally at Azamgarh in Uttar Pradesh, Modi said it was a big day in Srinagar during fourth phase of polling (May 13) when enthusiastic people cast their votes in record numbers to celebrate the festival of democracy and to make their Government in the country.


He said records of voting during last three decades in Srinagar were broken this time as people felt proud of the Indian Constitution and celebrated the festival of democracy in a big way during fourth phase of voting.

Srinagar Parliamentary constituency recorded 36 percent polling on May 13 which was highest since 1996. It was first Lok Sabha election post abrogation of special status of erstwhile State of Jammu and Kashmir and its bifurcation into two Union Territories of JK and Ladakh on August 5, 2019 by the BJP Government at the Centre.


“Our mothers, sisters whose kin were posted in Jammu and Kashmir earlier used to be worried when there will be blasts in Kashmir…other terror incidents and stone pelting. And bad news will come. However, Modi gave the guarantee of peace in Jammu and Kashmir and removed the wall of Article 370. This time there was record voting in Srinagar,” the Prime Minister said.


He added that this was the first election in Kashmir (in past over three decades) when there was no hartal call.


“Earlier during the polls in Kashmir, there used to be protests, people used to fear for their lives and get threats from terrorists. But this time, previous polling records were broken in Srinagar,” he said, adding the excitement shown by people of Srinagar in polls is proof no one can bring back Article 370 and do vote bank politics.

Asserting that Kashmir used to be a major issue in every election in last five-six decades, Modi said the Opposition’s lips have been locked and they have nothing to speak. Now, they (the Opposition leaders) have been silently telling the people that when they will get a chance they will bring back Article 370, he added.


“Ten years before, security of the people was left at the mercy of God. Terrorists accused of explosions were pardoned. Sleeper cells were given the cover of politics. Due to this attitude, terrorism rose across the country. These people still have the same attitude,” Modi said in a reference towards Congress and other Opposition parties like Samajwadi Party.


He attacked the INDIA bloc leaders by saying they had questioned the bravery of the Army.


“What is their agenda? They are saying they will reinstate Article 370 in Kashmir. They will repeal the CAA law made by Modi… These people are appealing for ‘vote jihad’ against Modi,” he said.


Earlier people used to think of Azamgarh every time a blast took place anywhere in the country.


The Prime Minister said Azamgarh’s identity changed a decade ago.

Source (Daily Excelsior)

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