Iran supported all constructive initiatives over Afghanistan

IRAN, Jun. 08 :– Iran’s Acting Foreign Minister Ali Bagheri Kani has stressed that Tehran has always supported all constructive initiatives for the peace, stability and development of Afghanistan.

Bagheri Kani made the remarks in a letter that was read at the beginning of the second meeting of the regional contact group for Afghanistan that kicked off in Tehran on Saturday morning.

Almost three years have passed since the occupation forces left Afghanistan, and during this time Afghanistan has faced various challenges regarding some of which, the ruling body of Afghanistan has made achievements, and in some cases, the problems have continued, Bagheri Kani said.

He added that the root cause of most of Afghanistan’s problems and challenges is the lack of attention to its development and economic growth and the negative effects of occupation.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran has always supported all constructive initiatives for the peace, stability and development of Afghanistan,” Bagheri Kani stressed, saying that the most important common message of the regional meetings on Afghanistan is it they should not be limited to repeating the problems of Afghanistan, but to propose solutions for resolving the challenges and problems of that country as well.

Today, the countries of the region, especially the Islamic Republic of Iran and Pakistan, are faced with the phenomenon of the migration of Afghan nationals, who on the one hand put pressure on the economy of the host countries, and on the other hand, deprive their country of Afghanistan of constructive forces, he further cited.

Iran believes that the continuation of regional stability and security requires United Nations to pay more attention to human conditions and fulfill its duties and responsibilities in this regard.



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