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Srinagar, 22 Jun 2024. To illustrate Kashmir’s historical & cultural heritage along with the military valour that has ensured that J&K always remains the pride of India, a mesmerising Laser, Light and Sound Show has been conceived by the Indian Army’s Chinar Corps, Dagger Division & it’s Pir Panjal Brigade and supported by Punit Balan Group at Boniyar. This visually appealing and meticulously researched show, was inaugurated as part of the ‘Dagger Heritage Complex’ at Boniyar on 21 June 2024, by the Hon’ble Lt Governor, Shri Manoj Sinha, in the presence of GOC Chinar Corps, GOC Dagger Division and Mr Punit Balan, Cmd Punit Balan group. This “first of its kind”, Laser, Light & Sound Show is a treat to the visiting tourists & locals. The show takes the audience on a nostalgic ride through centuries of documented history of Kashmir Valley, up to the present day’s “Progressive Kashmir”. This history is narrated by the ancient “Boniyar Temple”, (constructed by the ancient Avantiwarman rulers of Kashmir in the 12TH century AD), through the mesmerising voice of legendary Radio Kashmir broadcaster, Talha Jehangir.

The twenty-eight minutes of Laser, Light show features the Geological as well as the mystic evolution of the Kashmir Valley, the “Heaven on Earth”. The Valley of Kashmir, nestled between different ranges of the mighty Himalayas and drained by the River Jhelum, has  attracted people of different ethnicities during the course of history, many of whom left an indelible imprint on its present-day image, in terms of a rich historical and cultural landscape. The audience is made aware about the different dynasties which ruled Kashmir & played a role in the cultural & religious evolutions over the ages. The show also show-cases the valour & sacrifices of the Indian Army in ensuring that the constant evil designs of India’s western adversary in fomenting trouble & unrest in Kashmir are always defeated. The show ends on an optimistic note, with hopes of a future filled with peace, harmonious co-existence and development, while retaining the rich cultural heritage.

A very well designed “Dagger Museum”, showcasing the valour, sacrifices & social welfare initiatives of Indian Army in Kashmir, helps the visitors to grasp the efforts undertaken by Indian’s Security Forces in ensuring the safety & freedom of Kashmir, as well as India.

The Laser, Light and Sound show has been possible with the support of Punit Balan Group. The concept and design was formulated by the Pir Panjal Brigade and given a shape in the form of the show by Creative Laser Systems, Bangalore. The popularity of the show promises an increasing footfall of local population and tourists in times to come. Widening of the Baramulla – Uri highway and construction of a railway line till Uri will facilitate better access to Boniyar, making it a sought-after destination and placing the town firmly on the Tourist Map of the Union Territory.CNI



POR (Defence), Srinagar

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