Sunil Dimple holds a protest against the NHAI & roads transport ministry, against the wrong designed blind wall flyover at Kujwani, wave mal, narwal up to Sidra

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Jammu : Mission statehood jammu Kashmir workers under the banner, leadership of Sunil Dimple president mission statehood jammu Kashmir hold strong protest at narwal, bithindi, wave mall jammu, along with hundreds of transporters, traders, shopkeepers, owners of the show rooms and residents of the adjoining localities.

Workers protested against the NHAI & roads transport ministry, against the wrong designed blind flyover at kujwani, wave mal narwal up to sidra.

Addressing the protestors Sunil Dimple demands to immediately stop the work and construct the narwal, kujwani flyovers on the pillars and not on the blind wall.

Dimple alleged as the blind will create a huge business problems for the traders, show rooms, vehicle cars showrooms, temple, gurdawars, masjids, transporters, shop keepers, pillar will create problems for the traders, show rooms, malls it will create a big problem for the coming generations and to the business community.

Dimple said the residential areas of sidhra, narwal, bathindi, sunjwa, sanikclony, chain himat, greater kailash will face a lot of problems due to this ill designed blind wall flyover.

Dimple strongly criticized the NHAI for clearly saying the work will not stop, as this has to be completed in time and the work was allotted to NHAI after the design and DPR was approved by the govt.

NHAI has clearly denied and said that they have not received any written order to stop the work.

Dimple said BJP govt all policies are anti jammu. BJP stopped darbar, move, imposed toll plazas, sold power projects, installed smart meters, sold sand, bazar, wine outsider contractors and now these blind wall flyovers commissions.

Dimple said that he met with the traders, transporters residents of narwal, transport nagar, wave mall road, sanik clony, bithindi, sidhra, kujwani, shani himat, saink clony met and the all will suffer big problems in case this blind wall is constructed.

Dimple said these areas will also suffer environment problems of light, air, pollution due to blind wall. As this will blind wall will go upto sidra, and Nagrota highway.

Dimple alleged where is sabb ka sath and sab vikas of BJP? Modi ki guarantee? At this time when the NHAI has clearly refused to stop the work on guarantee given by Nitin guarantee in a photo session.

He alleged all mountains’, forests, bulldozed cut, from sidra tupto nagrota, to shift the high court from the janipur to raika, sidra against the wishes of the advocates, people that this cutting of forests, mountains erosion will create pollution in the jammu city.

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