Qom Influential in National, Regional Developments

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Qom Influential in National, Regional Developments
Ayat Arafi
The head of the Iran’s Seminary Ayatollah Alireza Arafi said,” Qom belongs to Iran and to the whole world; Qom is the pinnacle of the Islamic revolution and has an effective role in national and regional equations.”

IRAN//Head of Iran’s Islamic Seminary Ayatollah Alireza Arafi attended a meeting with Mr. Mehdi Tavakolian, the head of Qom public libraries, during which the Ayatollah expressed his condolences on the martyrdom days of Lady Fatima (PBUH) in a speech saying,” We hope that you will be successful in this responsibility and take basic and correct steps.”

“Qom is expected to have the first say in the subject of library and book reading and book-related issues. That is, Qom is really different from all the other cities in Iran, I often inform the officials who visit this city that Qom is not for itself, rather Qom belongs to the whole nation of Iran as well as to the whole world, and this mega city is a very rare international city, after all, in the last hundred years of Qom It has always been influential in all the equations of the country and sometimes in the equations of the region as well as the world; Qom serves as the pinnacle of the Islamic Revolution, whose waves have covered the whole world, and it is effective in all the equations of the region and the country.” Ayatollah Arafi added.

The member of the Iran’s Assembly of Leadership Experts further added,” This eminent position of Qom makes this city different from any other Iranian city; in other words, Qom is a mirror that shows Iran and a large part of the world, because right now there are more than 100,000 students from all over Iran and more than a hundred countries of the world studying and living in Qom. That statistic counts as half the population of Qom, but at the same time they are considered Qomi people. Therefore, the production of articles, books and scientific, cultural and research works of Qom has a high volume and is among the first two or three ranks of the country in the religious, Islamic and cultural sense, this is on a national scale. If we want to examine the position of Qom on a regional scale and in the Islamic world, now there are more than a hundred organizations, institutions, scientific, cultural and research centers that have given much weight to Qom, each of them is one of the first religious ranks in the region and the Islamic world.”

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