Grand Ayat. Sobhani Pays Tribute To Late Ayat. Mesbah

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Grand Ayat. Sobhani Pays Tribute To Late Ayat. Mesbah

CITY REPORTER NEWS, (HNA).The text of Grand Ayatollah Jafar Sobhani’s message to the 2nd congress honoring Late Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi (RA) entitled “Master of Thought” which was held in the meeting hall of Imam Khomeini Research Educational Institute in Qom is as follows:

In the Name of God

Like everyone present, I have a special interest in this commemoration, but due to my absence, I am interested in participating in this conference remotely with a short speech about the late Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi.

Verse 17 of Surah al-Muhammad (PBUH) in holy Quran reads: God does two things for the servants who are on the path of guidance and want to climb higher; That is, God increases their guidance; and gives them piety; This verse is a general rule about those who have the first guidance, and this group want to progress on this path, and for this reason, they will enjoy two great divine blessings.

The late Grand Ayatollah Mesbah was a pious scholar since his youth, and under the guidance of spiritual teachers such as the late Ayatollah Tabatabaei and Late Ayatollah Behjat, he undertook spiritual development, and his scientific, theological and moral works indicate that he constantly wanted the youth to walk this path and in this sense he has a great influence in the present era on those who have or will benefit from his works.

He is nicknamed Mesbah, and Mesbah means the light that guides the way for everyone, and he was a scholar and practically possessed such ability and competence. I ask the Almighty God for his soul to be exalted, and for those who follow his path, success in following him, and for the survivors, patience and a great reward.

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