Hakeem Suhail Abass unleashed panegyric over Mr Mohammed Anees Haider

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Hakeem Suhail Abass unleashed panegyric over Mr Mohammed Anees Haider for becoming new president of All India Shia personal Law Board for Chandigarh Haryana and Himachal Pradesh.

SRINAGAR// Social- political and religious activist Kashmiri dwelled Hakeem Suhail Abass who is working for peace- epistemology handling daunting tasks for underprivileged people for uplifting their educational excellence has unleashed his rejoice and adoration over Mohammad Anees Haider who has been given the presidency- ship from All India Shia personal Law Board for three states which include Chandigarh Haryana and Himachal Pradesh.
In a statement Hakeem Suhail Abass has said “ this will be the golden epoch for the states which will come under the presidency jurisdictions of Mohammad Anees Haider , since he is the man of high standards all abstract qualities are his personality traits , this will be the landmark creating history for the Shia personal Law Board to have chosen the right candidate for the right task.
I know Haider personally his grip over theological studies , metaphysical prowess and heroic leadership skills , I’m sure that Chandigarh Haryana and Himachal Pradesh shall witness the sun with brighter shine to remove the obscurest fathom coming into the ways of development of Shia people living in the said States.
Though Muslim nations has been plotted to stand in fists against each other which has resulted into the segregation of Muslims however , Haider has the potential to work for Muslim unity to set an example of Muslim oneness.
Not only Muslim unity but Haider has to play his pivotal role in uniting and making strong the much needed religious harmony in India which is other wise been the target of enemies of peace and secularism since , India is the famous for having an opulent religious diversities and Islam is the religion which teaches us on the importance of living in togetherness.
I’m delightedly feeling very jubilant for him to be the president my wishes are stripped with his crown and I’m hopeful that he will be the promising one .” he said.

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