India working to enhance defence manufacturing capabilities says Rajnath Singh

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India working to enhance defence manufacturing capabilities says Rajnath Singh

CITY REPORTER SRINAGAR,09-Jan; Defence Minister Rajnath Singh has said that India has been working towards enhancing its defence manufacturing capabilities in the area of drones, cyber technology and Artificial Intelligence.
He said, a robust defence manufacturing ecosystem has been created in the country which led to the emergence of India, as a leading defence exporter in recent years.
Speaking at the Ambassadors’ Conference in New Delhi today, January 9, the Defence Minister said, the country’s large population and abundant skilled workforce has enabled the creation of an innovative ecosystem, led by start-ups in high technology areas.
He said, India’s defence exports have grown by eight times in the last five years and now it is exporting to more than 75 countries.
Underscoring the importance of Make in India, Singh said, this initiative encompasses the element of make-for-the-world. He emphasized that India’s national efforts towards ‘Make in India’ are neither isolationist nor are they just meant for India alone. He said, the self-reliance initiative is the beginning of a new paradigm of partnership with other partner countries.
He said, partnership and joint efforts are the key elements that differentiate a country’s defence industry partnership with other nations. He added that India does not believe in a hierarchical conception of world order, where few countries are considered superior to others.
On the 14th edition of Aero India-2023 which is scheduled to be held next month from 13th to 17th February in Bengaluru, Singh said, Aero India will provide an opportunity for the exchange of information, ideas and new technological developments in the aviation industry.
He expressed confidence that the Indian Aerospace and Defence manufacturing sector is well prepared to take up future challenges and capitalise on emerging opportunities.
At the upcoming G20 Summit in India, the Defence Minister said, the country’s endeavour is to build consensus within the G20 and shape the agenda for a more secure, prosperous, sustainable world. He termed the G20 presidency as an occasion to showcase India to the world, the 3 D’s of India-Development, Democracy and Diversity. (CNS)

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