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Grand Mesaaqi e Fiqa conference Magaam

Renzushah presided People’forum for Justice jam packed conference on Role of youth for National Building
Renzushah underscored Importance of Lakum Deenakym Waliya Deen doctrine for communal harmony and Fiqa unity

BARAMULLA // Magaam Khwaja Qasim Gund 20 January 23,
khwaja Farooq Renzushah Chairman jamaat Aitqaad Hanafiya international who is also Chairman Hazrat Bulbulshah RA Trust, & kashmir Society international today presided over the Conference of gathering of Hanafi,Jaffari and Shafi devotees and delivered key note address at conference organised by People’s Forum for justice on Role of youth in National Building . The chairman of organization Syed Razvi sahib in his welcome address appreciated role of chief Guest of occassion khawaja Farooq Renzushah in development and spiritual field. Syed Aga Razvi is author and scholar of high repute .On this occasion large section of devotees of Hanafi,Jaffari and Shafi had assembled in Khwaja Qasim Gund to listen key note address of chief Guest khwaja Farooq Renzushah .
Renzushah emphasised that new Generation be taught about Great Grand Revolution of 1321 in kashmir when Non Believer forces of Dulcha zulqader khan grand son of Halaco khan who never believed God were defeated by joint powers of Hindu,Muslim and Budhist together in kashmir .He said Hazrat Abdul Rahman Sharaf ud din Bulbulshsh RA was first Sufi Hanafi saint who played great role during 1321 Grand revolution of kashmir for ensuring communal harmoney & mutual brotherhood in kashmir.The king of kashmir Sultan Sader ud din Renchanshah RA granted him State subject of kashmir, built khankah for him where he remained till his death and chose only kashmir as his everlasting spiritual abode. The last Reshi Queen Kota Rani took inspiration from such saints of love and retained Reshiyat in kashmir. Her abode is in Aali kadal srinagar protected by Reshi peer and still place of inspiration for communal brotherhood.
While speaking on the occassion khwaja Renzushah said that such strong spiritual powers were hidden inside all great saints who arrived to kashmir from Persian & central Asian countries that noble kashmiries acknowledged their spritual sway and accepted Fiqa & Sufiyat as way of their lives . This Sufi doctrine established peace and tranquility in atmosphere of peacelessness caused by Zulcha zulqader Khan of Mongols who like present day communists denied existence of God .He said both Fiqa Hanafiyat as well as Fiqa jaffariyat in Kashmir graciously approved local Kashmir traditions under doctrine of URUF in jurisprudence to be part and parcel of faith .He said that when Hazrat Amir Kabir RA arrived kashmir along 700 companions to get rid of violence in Hamdan , he found kashmir as abode of love and peace. He advised people to continue with Fiqa of love and preached unity of all five Fiqa, Hanafi, Jaffari, Maliki, Shafi & Hunbli besides Meesakh e Mazahib symbol of communal Harmony. similarly Sufi Jaffari saint Shams Deen Iraqi also established unity between people of Kashmir .He said it is need of time to work for unity and discourage those violent radical Firqa’s (Communal forces) which have been introduced during last hundred years to divide people rather than joining them
He said recently extraordinary international response received by his book , Cashmere Bear’s Throne which conclude with Triumph of Spirituality has encouraged him that doctrine of love has universal appeal .He said Tajikistan Scholars ,Uzbikistan scholars particularly Hazrat Luqmaan His excellency Ambassador of Tajikistan appreciated Spiritual revival of Kashmir where all Sufi saints are considered real spritual guides to lead people on paths of love

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