Iran parliament ready to decisively respond to any EU move

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Iran parliament ready to decisively respond to any EU move

IRAN, Jan. 21 (MNA) – In a meeting with the IRGC chief, Iranian Parliament speaker Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf said that the parliament is ready to decisively respond to any move taken by the European Union against the IRGC.

On Saturday, Iran’s Parliamentary Speaker Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf held a meeting with the IRGC commander-in-chief Major General Hossein Salami to declare support for the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps after the EU’s hostile move against the IRGC.

Addressing the enemies of Iran, Ghalibaf stressed, “Our enemies do not have a precise understanding of our nation and the IRGC, and especially they do not have any knowledge and analysis regarding the relationship between the (Iranian) nation and the IRGC.”

Stating that the enemies consider the IRGC only a military force, as their military forces, Ghalibaf added that they (the enemies) are unaware that the IRGC and Basij forces come from within the Iranian nation.

“Today, the most beloved character among the (Iranian) people is Martyr Soleimani,” Ghalibaf stressed that Martyr Soleimani was an IRGC commander, and called on the Europeans to correct their analytical error.

“The European Parliament should know that the proposal it presented as a parliament cannot change the set of facts, the Western Front supported and equipped ISIL arrogantly, and the one who fought terrorism and ended the presence of ISIL in the region is the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps,” the Iranian parliament speaker emphasized, slamming the fact that the Europeans today are supporters of terrorism and terrorist groups.

“They (the Europeans) should know that we are at a level of deterrence that neither potential threats nor actual threats are considered a threat to us,” he continued, adding that Iran will respond decisively to them if any hostile action is taken.

Major General Salami, for his part, stated that if the efforts of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps didn’t exist, the terrorist volcano created by the Americans would have engulfed the Europeans and the security in Europe today would have been destroyed.

It is the habit of the Europeans and the Americans to always change the position of the oppressor and the oppressed, he stressed.

Citing that the IRGC is not afraid of such threats, Salami said, “We advise the Europeans not to repeat their past mistakes.”

Major General Salami is set to attend Sunday’s session of the Iranian parliament to discuss the decisive response to the EU’s illegal move.

The European Parliament passed a resolution on Thursday that calls for blacklisting the IRGC. The resolution has been sent to the European Council to decide on it.

Different Iranian officials have warned against such an action on the part of the EU.

Reacting to the EU’s illegal act, the Iranian foreign ministry’s spokesman in a tweet said, “The reason for the anger of the ‘Global Club of Terrorists’ at the IRGC is clear. It is because the force is the largest anti-terrorism organization in the world.”

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