Rahul Gandhi must apologize for befooling people over Bharat Jodo

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Rahul Gandhi must apologize for befooling people over Bharat Jodo Yatra drama: Advocate Rizvi

Srinagar, Jan 28: Bhartiya Janta Party Snr leader S S Rizvi on Saturday said that Rahul Gandhi must apologize for befooling people by his drama of Bharat Jodo Yatra.

In a statement issued here, Rizvi said that Rahul Gandi must apologize to the people of Jammu and Kashmir, UT for their damages done in past whenever they were in power.

Rizvi while alleging congress said that how can a Kashmiri forget that thousands of Kashmiri are lying in graveyards,thousands are orphans,thousands are widows and thousands are misplaced only because of Congress.

Rizvi said that nation can never forgive congress when thousands of police personnel, army ,or paramilitary jawans are being martyred because of these indubitable conditions prevailing for the last 33 years.

“This Annihilation of our union territory is because of this congress who are concerned with their luxury and pleasure only, it is we the BJP with all sympathy, made this Union territory a new one.we are committed to our commitment to bring the youth out of this trauma and to hand over laptop instead of Kalashankov”, he added.

He said time has changed now and the people of jammu and Kashmir want peace that is why it has started prevailing only because of the efforts of BJP and people also are joining BJP regularly on a daily basis in folks manner.

“We have in a short period started bringing back the days of heaven that is realized by every Kashmiri now and i am sure it can be seen not in upcoming elections either Assembly, corporate, Panchayats but also in Parliamentary next year.

The development and keeping aspirations of people upto level is reflected everywhere which can be seen on ground as well as no body joined the Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo yatra instead hired people from rest of the country are in this yatra, he concluded

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