B.B.C films,books & Google maps need not to impose on Kashmir theory of Hazrat Eisa Grave in Kashmir —-Renzushah

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B.B.C films,books & Google maps need not to impose on Kashmir theory of Hazrat Eisa Grave in Kashmir —-Renzushah

Kashmir is passing through critical phase and destiny of Kashmir lies only in Religious plurism ,unity & brotherhood

Budgam khushipora 6th February While addressing as chief Guest to massive gathering at khushipora Budgam on occsion of viladat wa meelad e Hazrat Ali A.S khwaja Farooq Renzushah chief Guest on occasion emphasised that B.B.C films ,Google maps need not to impose on Kashmir theory of Hazrat Eisa Grave in Kashmir backed by few Israeli ideologues who do not believe that Hazrat e Eisa is alive .He said that Kashmir is passing through critical phase of its destiny and identity of it’s ,5k years civilization lies only in Religious plurism ,unity & brotherhood. .The grand function was organised by Jenab Syed Razvi Kumi renowned Author on platform of Peace for justice Forum .The Glaxy of scholars including Mirwaiz Lateef Bukhari sahib Khateeb e Aala Jamia Mosque Beerwah ,jenab Syed Aga sahib learned scholar of Persian order ,Jenab Mushtaq ul Haq sahib ,Krar sahib ,scholars, Authors of various Fiqa of Hanafia & jafariya were present in large number .All scholars,Writters , distinguished personalities were present on the occasion.
Khwaja Farooq Renzushah appreciated sustained endeavours made by strong ideologues of kashmir right from time of eighties who faught tooth and nail to retain pluristic character of kashmir and it’s high valued civilization of 700 years in spite of facing all kinds of violent forces .He said from 90 the maximum civilian casualities by non state violent forces were either pure Hanafi Sufi or Ahal e jaffari including Grand Aga sahib of Budgam .He said that peace and tranquility was restored in Kashmir because of its majority who were believers of unity and composit culture .He said it is unfortunate that B.B.C films ,Various kind of books , literature from time of world war second has started to project at Rozabal the Grave of Hazrat Eisa is existing .He clarified that neither in Hindu chronicles ,& scriptures it was mentioned any where before mysterious suicide of German terror .He said that Google has hurt sentiments of both majority of Fiqa jaffari ,Fiqa Hanafi ,Hindu and Christians by mapping on Google Grave of Rozabal as Hazrat Eisa Grave .Same has been deliberately done by B.B.C films to establish Hazrat Eisa buried in East to West grave existing at present in Rozabal .The Mirwaiz Lateef Bukhari immediately on spot refuted and condemned this version that Hazrat Eisa will stand up from Rozabal grave .He qouted Quran Sharief that Hazrat Eisa has been taken to sky .He said that Hazrat Eisa has offered even prayers behing Great prophet during holy Voyage of Great prophet of Islam to all galaxies in Mehraaj times .Earlier Imam Aga Hadi of Kashmir and Mirwaiz North Hassan Firdousi also rejected theory of Existence of Hazrat Eisa in Rozabal .
Renzush said that it is strange that few Israeli backed authors subscribe the theory of Roza bal grave associated with Hazrat Eisa .They said East to West grave can be grave of any ordinary German fugitive but not that of Jesus which onle few Israeli based authors claim while muslims,Hindu and Christians do not agree to this Hazrat Eisa claim .The Rod of Jesus as claimed by some is in Aishi muqaam shrine was already refuted by Abdul Rahmaan Khadim who said that father was possissing Rod of Zain Shah wali RA.and had preserved in wall at home .Mufti Mudasir sahip of Shopian chief of Khatam e Naboowat has also refuted that Hazrat Eisa Grave is in Kashmir .Similarly local sajadah Nisheen and wali of holy Rozabal shrine believe that it is Reshi Sufi Awaliya Hazrat Asif Nasar din whose other grave is existing there which is not East to West direction .All scholars were of the opinion that B.B.C or any film Division should withdraw it’s film on Eisa in Kashmir and Google should change map by inscribing it as Hazrat Asif Nasar din grave .The Israeli oriented map of grave has unnecessary authenticated that theory which is not accept

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