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Anti-encroachment drive

Rana exhorts administration to allay fears of common masses




JAMMU FEBRUARY 13- Senior BJP leader Mr Devender Singh Rana today exhorted the administration to take effective measures for allaying the fears of common masses about the ongoing anti-encroachment drive as per the clear directions of Lieutenant Governor Mr Manoj Sinha, on the matter, saying that this will silence the vested interests who are out to exploit the situation as per their contingencies.



Addressing a delegation of the Civil Society, comprising representatives of every walk and shade of life, which met him at his residence, here this morning, Mr Rana referred to the assurance held out by Lieutenant Governor that the poor would not be touched and said those creating unnecessary apprehensions are actually doing to camouflage their nefarious activities or to further their political interests by inciting common masses.


Prominent among those present on the occasion included Arun Gupta, President Chamber of Commerce, Jammu, Sahil Ji Maharaj, Mahant Mohan Giri, Mahant Rajesh Bittu, Mahant Rajeshwar Giri, Vinay Hindu, Suhail Qazmi ,Khalid Hussain, Rajeev Gupta, Mohammad Aslam Qureshi, Choudhary Iqbal, Haji Ashraf, S. Ravinder Singh, Haji Fareed, S. Manpreet Singh, Anwar Khan and many others.



He said the administration has more than once reassured the common people not to nurture any apprehension but some elements were igniting the situation to cover up and protect their shady deals. In this misadventure, unfortunately some political elements have also jumped in to give spin after spin to the drive by claiming that only a particular community is being targeted to engineer demographic change. These political players with vested interest have already been rejected by their core constituency in the Valley for the sins committed over the decades and now they were misadventuring in this region to cook their breads, he said.



“Let these political misadventurists understand that Jammu has immense capacity and capability to sort out its own issues unitedly and the proud Dogras– Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christians, all inclusive –need no diktat from the discredited Valley leaders”, Mr Rana said, adding that these chameleons have inflicted lot many scars on their own innocent brethren back home and now making attempts to vitiate the atmosphere. Again they are wrong in their calculation about the wisdom of Jammu, he added.


Mr Rana said the Jammu people are unitedly acknowledging the assurance of the administration and want a comprehensive policy on anti encroachment drive as per the commitment of the Lieutenant Governor. He said the people believe in rule of law and were unequivocally against the land mafia.



Mr Rana cautioned the disruptive elements for taking law into their own hands, saying disturbing peace and order is not Jammu ethos. He said these elements were actually playing in the hands of vested interests and disgruntled politicians, who want disharmony and disaffection among the people. Actually these people are unnerved by the massive outreach of the visionary Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi to last person in the society, irrespective of caste, creed, culture, region or religion, as per his cherished agenda of Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabk Vishwas, Sabka Prayàs. Spreading falsehood therefore is their only ulterior tool to create disruption in the society, he maintained.



Mr Devender Rana complimented the delegation for rising to the occasion once àgain to fight their cause as a single entity like they are known for doing in the past. He recalled how Jammu has withstood the test of times against the evil designs of vested interests whenever attempts were made to divide them by provocative actions like desecrations or by creating communal wedge. This is actually the real strength of Jammu, he added.





Later, Mr Devender Rana accompanied the delegation to meet the Divisional Commissioner to put their case for a Comprehensive Anti Encroachment Policy.

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