Be flag bearers, guardians and ambassadors of the Kashmiri language . Syed Karar Hashmi

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Be flag bearers, guardians and ambassadors of the Kashmiri language . Syed Karar Hashmi

On the occasion of international mother language day, eminent Sociopolitical activist Syed Karar Hashmi appealed to the Kashmiri diaspora to be flag bearers and guardians of the Kashmiri language. One must be the guardian of their mother tongue, but I am ashamed when I see students in foreign countries speaking different languages not of their own language, Kosher.

“Today, we can not go anywhere with cannons and tanks. We have to go with the Kashmiri language. If we distance ourselves from our own language, we will lose our identity.”

Syed Karar Hashmi said in a press statement that if you want to kill a nation, kill its language. In any case, whether we like it or not, we were born in a land called Kashmir, and we are responsible for this land. We must work to preserve and protect our language. We must be the guardians of our mother tongue.

Hashmi said that since 1999, UNESCO has included February 21 as World Mother Language Day in its calendar to raise awareness of the world’s diverse cultures and languages. However, we are privileged that Kashmiri is one of the 22 scheduled languages of India and is also the official language of Jammu and Kashmir. Very heart-rendering, that its use is declining even in Kashmir. Over the years, no attempt has been made to preserve the language or its literature.

“It is time to reshape and reform our identity by promoting the mother tongue at all levels of communications within and outside the country. The government must promote the teaching of the Kashmiri language at the school and college level. The Kashmiri language is part of our identity and must be preserved”. Syed Karar Hashmi added

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