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KCCI Elections…

Srinagar/ 21 Feb 2023
Muzaffar Khan

Kashmir Chamber Commerce and Industries elections held today on 21 feberuary under the directions of Hon’ble High Court and under the Supervision of District Magistrate Srinagar.All the members cast their votes at Emporium Building polo view .Elections were held for 21 posts of Executive members two groups HOPE 21 headed by Javed Tenga and KASHMIR 21 headed by Shiekh Aashiq.Late in the eveving counted concluded and it was known by reliable sources said that HOPE 21 headed by Javed Tenga have clean sweepes the contest and defeated all the contests of KASHMIR 21 headed by Shiekh Aashiq.The result will be announced tomarrow by District Magistrate Srinagar.

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