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Benefits of Holy Ramadhan On Body and Mind

Dr Jaffar
Ramadhan the Holy month of Almight Allah gives lot of benefits to human body and mind. Almight Allah in his holy book Quran in Surah Heifer in Ayat No. 183 says” Believers fasting has been prescribed for you, just as it was prescribed for those before you, so that you may guard yourselves against evil”. In Ayat No. 184 Allah says in his Holy Book Quran “fast for a specified number of days but if anyone among you is ill or on journey let him fast the same number of days later”. For those who can fast only with extreme difficulty there is a way to compensate the feeding of a needy person. But he who does good of his own accord shall be well rewarded but to fast is better for you if you only know. The month of ramadhan is the month when the Quran was sent down as guidance for mankind with clear proofs of guidance and the criterion by which distinguish right from wrong. Therefore, whoever of you is present in that month let him fast but he who is ill or on a journey shall fast a similar number of days later on. God desired ease for you not hardship he desires you to fast the whole month so that you may glorify him for his having guided you and that you may be greatful to him.
Fasting is a strict tenet in most religious but in human character willing it is obligatory. There are enormous spiritual benefits and advantages of fasting:
1) Fasting makes feel closer to his creator.
2) Fasting strengthens the will, brings order to ones life and controls evil desires.
3) Fasting is good for physical and mental health.
Let we discuss the physiological effect of fasting both a healthy and unhealthy state of body and mind.
Fasting decreases bodily weight
Research says “fast of the month of ramadhan causes a decrease of about 1.7 to 3.8 kilograms in weight especially in over weight people.
Fasting effects on the metabolism
When one is hungry the liver which has an ample reserve of glucose in the form of glycogen turns in active glycogen into glucose in the blood and thus makes up for the amount of energy that is deficient. This function of the liver causes the blood glucose viscosity to remain constant. This is of vital importance to the body because sources of nutrition for cerebral cells are provided by glucose. Thus there must be no deficiency in these sources if hunger or fasting time lingers so much that liver glycogen reserve is depleted the body begins to use other energy generating sources primarily the lipids then the proteins. Hence, during fasting the natural viscosity of blood glucose which is of vital importance to the body is not lowered the reserve of lipids is consumed.(Journal Mehjoba Iran 1997)
Effect of fasting on the digestive system
Researchers says as a result of eatingless the acid secretion of the stomach is decreased. However the bowls continue to have their normal movements alternately every two hours beginning in the stomach. Going through the duodenum and the small and large intestines waste matter the flaked off dead cells and gastro-intestinal juices are evacuated. Fasting causes relative in activity off the digestive system and the waste in the bowls are driven out Mehjoba Vol. 17 No. 1 January 1998.
Nervous and psychological effect of fasting
According to scientific research those who fast feel at ease because they have obeyed Allah’s command thus their stress and nervous tension are relieved such mental comfort greatly effects physical health. Both directly and indirectly scientific research says that muslim fasting causing no disorder in the electro-encephalogram of the brain. According to research carried out in Jordan research says rate of suicide also decreases in the holy month of ramadhan.
Effect of fasting on Pregnant women
Research done in this connection shows that the decrease in blood sugar for pregnant women is about the natural amount up until 20 hours of fasting. The energy for the fetus is provided through other metabolic means. Research indicates that there are no complications for the fetus of pregnant women who have been fasting as compared as pregnant women who have not been fasting.
Imam Khomeni(R.A) says under point 1737 in his epistle that fasting is near. For them fasting is harmful under point 1738 of his epistle. The advice is given as two suckling women. Nursing women who fast are likely to lose a certain amount of water in their bodies. The viscosity of sodium and uric acid and their serum osmotic pressure will change. Their may also appear certain changes in the amount of lactose, sodium and potassium of their milk. Research published in magazine (Faith and Culture January 1998).
Conclusion: The most important of above benefits fasting controls , recovers diabetes, fasting recovers digestive system in human body, fasting aggravate pulmonary asthama, coronary disease is also recovered for fasting.
Thus the holy month of ramadhan should be welcomed respected. This is the month in which our sins are burn. The most powerful day in ramadhan is Layalatul Qadir which falls on 19th , 21st , 23rd,27th,29th . Thus ramadhan involves prayer recite Quran above all the best message of ramadhan is help those who are helpless, orphan, poor so that they shall also perform fasting and celebrate Eid with others.
The Writer Principal at Mirgund Higher Secondary School.

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