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Pulwama, October 12:

In a significant step towards uplifting the lives of traditional craftspeople, a crucial meeting was convened in District Pulwama, chaired by Deputy Commissioner Pulwama,Dr.Basharat Qayoom (IAS). The Deputy Commissioner was briefed by DM CSC about the strategic aspects of the PM Vishwakarma Scheme. This initiative is set to empower and provide invaluable support to the artisans, commonly known as Vishwakarmas, who form a vital part of the informal or unorganized sector of the economy.

During the meeting, Deputy Commissioner Pulwama led discussions on various facets of the PM Vishwakarma Scheme, emphasizing the comprehensive framework for its successful execution. The key areas covered include the 18 trades covered under the scheme, with a particular focus on the Guru-Shishya model, highlighting the Guru-Shishya mentorship dynamic as a cornerstone for fostering traditional craftsmanship.

Deputy Commissioner Pulwama stressed the significance of enrolling beneficiaries and Sarpanches, who play a pivotal role in the verification of beneficiaries. He emphasized the need for the widespread implementation of the scheme in all the wards of Municipalities and all panchayats across the District. The Deputy Commissioner further underscored the importance of conducting sensitization and awareness camps to ensure that every eligible artisan reaps the benefits of this transformative scheme.

During the meeting, DM CSC provided an update, highlighting the enrollment of 40 Sarpanches and a total number of 450 beneficiaries. Deputy Commissioner, in a firm directive to the concerned parties, urged them to swiftly enroll all elected representatives of Panchayats and Municipalities within the next 3 days. This proactive approach aims to ensure the scheme’s widespread reach and expedite the delivery of its benefits to eligible artisans.

With the PM Vishwakarma Scheme in full swing, the traditional craftsmen of District Pulwama are on the cusp of experiencing a transformative change in their lives. This initiative not only empowers artisans but also preserves and promotes traditional craftsmanship for future generations to come.

The meeting was attended by ADDC Pulwama, GM DIC, ACP Pulwama, ACR Pulwama, BDOs,Lead District Bank Manager and EOs of Municipalities.

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