CDRCT-Kashmir Chairman Mr. Malik Extends Heartfelt Congratulations to Dr. Manzoor Ahmad Thoker , Dr. Afreen Fatima and Dr. Tahira Hassan for Doctorate and Presidential Recognition

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Srinagar // In an exceptional display of academic prowess and national recognition, Dr. Manzoor Ahmad Thoker , Dr. Afreen Fatima and Dr. Tahira Hassan has achieved the prestigious Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree and received commendation from the President of India. This remarkable feat was celebrated by the Chairman of the CDRCT-Kashmir Mr Malik Zahoor Mehdi, Dr. Thoker’s , Dr. Afreen’s and Dr. Tahira journey to a Ph.D. was marked by years of relentless dedication, scholarly brilliance, and a commitment to making a difference through academic pursuits. Their research has not only advanced knowledge within their field but has also been acknowledged by the highest echelons of the nation, including the President. The Chairman of CDRCT-Kashmir Mr. Malik Zahoor Mehdi recognizing the immense significance of this achievement, extends heartfelt congratulations to Dr. Manzoor Ahmad Thoker , Dr. Afreen Fatima & Dr. Tahira Hassan this academic triumph at the esteemed Kashmir University and the subsequent recognition by the President of India stand as a testament to Dr.Thoker’s , Dr. Afreen’s & Dr Tahira dedication and contribution to academia. With this accomplishment, Dr. Thoker , Dr. Afreen & Dr. Tahira now stands among a select group of scholars whose work is acknowledged for its societal impact and scholarly merit. The Chairman, along with the entire CDRCT-Kashmir family, takes immense pride in this achievement and wishes Dr. Thoker , Dr. Afreen & Dr. Tahira continued success and fulfillment in their academic journey. Congratulations, Dr. Manzoor Ahmad Thoker , Dr. Afreen Fatima & Tahira Hassan on this momentous milestone and the distinction of being recognized by the President of India. May your academic pursuits continue to shine and inspire others in the pursuit of knowledge.

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