Urgent need for emergency session of the Human Rights Council on Palestine


          TEHRAN- The current conflict in Palestine stands as the utmost priority for both the Islamic world and the global community. The challenges faced by the Palestinian people, coupled with the oppression imposed by the Zionist regime, resonate across the international community, transcending religious, ideological, or national affiliations.

Despite decades of international attention and over half a century of Zionist occupation, this issue remains unresolved.

The United Nations and its affiliated bodies such as the Human Rights Commission, the current Human Rights Council, the International Court of Justice, the Red Cross, and Amnesty International have repeatedly expressed their views on events in this region. Multiple resolutions have been adopted by the General Assembly and Security Council. Unfortunately, these warnings and resolutions have been unable to prevent continued violations and actions of the Zionist regime that contradict international norms and rights.

Over the past four decades, the Israeli regime has engaged in numerous wars, prolonged occupation, displacement of populations, establishment of Jewish settlements, usurpation and confiscation of lands, mass killings, merciless massacres, assassinations, torture, imprisonment, construction of separation walls, collective punishments, and consistent violations of human rights.

This apartheid regime consistently ignores international human rights conventions, which have evolved into fundamental international rights, as acknowledged by jurists worldwide. For instance, a legal report submitted to the Human Rights Council (November 29, 2000), characterized the human rights situation in the occupied territories as tragic. The report explicitly stated that Israeli forces deployed an excessive amount of military force, disproportionate to the level of danger faced.

The actions by the Israeli regime in recent decades indicate a clear disregard for the four Geneva Conventions, additional protocols of 1977, and customary human rights. Due to extrajudicial activities in violation of their rights, the Palestinians have been unable to enjoy their basic rights, including self-determination.

What factors enable this occupying regime to persist in violating fundamental rights, despite the existence of human rights institutions? The answer is evident—there is a deficiency in executive mechanisms and inadequate assurances for implementation within these institutions. Additionally, political actors, such as unwavering support from the permanent Security Council member, the United States, have hindered significant action against the violating regime.

Considering the non-legal and political factors at the international level, particularly the backing of the Israeli regime’s aggressions by the United States and its Western allies, the Palestinian people have been ruthlessly denied their right of self-determination. It is crucial not to overlook major actions by these ostensibly human rights-supporting countries. Muslims and justice advocates, based on universally accepted principles like the responsibility to protect and humanitarian intervention, should leverage their capabilities to ensure Palestinian rights and prevent violent actions by the Zionist regime. Initiatives should be undertaken to expose crimes and human rights violations in occupied Palestinian territories. Public pressure in this regard can wield influence on powerful governments. This can be achieved only through unity among Muslim countries, a common vision among supporters of the Palestinian people, human rights activists, and advocates.

With the hope that, with the support of Muslim countries, the people of Palestine will unite in their struggle to regain lost rights under a national slogan, compelling Israel to recognize Palestinian rights. Regional countries should take practical coordinated actions to support the oppressed people of Palestine, especially in Gaza, and call for an immediate halt to war crimes and widespread killing of civilians, particularly women and children, by the Israeli regime. They should earnestly work towards convening an extraordinary session of the Human Rights Council at the earliest opportunity.

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