“Horrifying” massacre triggers swift Palestinian response 


Another Israeli massacre leads to 200 Palestinian casualties, mostly children 

TEHRAN- In another chilling assault on two UN-run schools in the northern Gaza? Strip, Israeli strikes killed and injured around 200 Palestinian civilians.

One Palestinian official said 150 to 200 Palestinians have been killed.

From the start of the war on Gaza, the Zionist regime’s military strategy has been based more on confusion and anger as well as the need to do something swiftly rather than on a measured and considered military plan.

The aspect of the need to do something swiftly has been purely focused on the massacre of women and children.

In response to the fresh Israeli massacre at the schools, with the majority of the victims being children, the Palestinian resistance targeted Israeli troops and tanks as well as military sites occupied by the regime’s forces.

Around 200 Palestinians sheltering from the occupation regime’s indiscriminate attacks on the Gaza Strip were maimed by Israeli strikes on Saturday at the UN-run al-Fakhouri school in the Jabalia refugee camp.

A camp that had been converted into a shelter where forcibly displaced Palestinian families were desperately trying to seek safety. The majority of those killed were reported at al-Fakhouri school.

But casualties have also been reported at the UN-run Tal al-Zaatar school in Beit Lahiya, just north of Jabalia.

In one photo, the bodies of nearly 50 Palestinians, including those of children and babies, who were killed in the Israeli attacks, are seen being brought to the Indonesian hospital in Jabalia, Gaza.

Another shows local residents conducting search-and-rescue operations within the debris of the residential buildings after Israeli attacks hit the UN-run facilities.

According to the Palestinian health ministry, the air strikes killed 32 Palestinians of the same family, 19 of them children.

The ministry has released a list of 32 members of the Abu Habal family who were killed in the new Israeli massacre.

A video showed dozens of bodies surrounded by blood on the floor at the al-Fakhouri school.

In a post on social media, Palestinian official Mustafa Barghouti said the “Israeli army committed a huge massacre in the al Fakhoura school. It is estimated that 150-200 Palestinian civilians, mostly children, were killed in one strike. Horrifying images of the massacre.”

Various UN officials have responded to the deadly strikes, with UN aid chief Martin Griffiths saying, “Shelters are a place for safety. Schools are a place for learning. Tragic news of the children, women and men killed while sheltering at the al-Fakhouri school in northern Gaza. Civilians can not and should not have to bear this any longer.”

The head of UNRWA said it had received “horrifying” images and footage of scores of people killed and injured in an attack on a UN school in the north of Gaza.

“These attacks cannot become commonplace, they must stop. A humanitarian ceasefire cannot wait any longer,” the UNRWA commissioner-general, Philippe Lazzarini, said on social media.

Following the swift armed response of resistance, the occupation army acknowledged that six of its troops have been killed and others sustained serious injuries. The Israeli military published the names of the six troops killed in the space of a few hours.

Israeli media reported that at least eight troops have also been seriously injured as a result of ground battles in Gaza.

On Sunday, the Israeli army spokesman admitted that two further troops were killed during the ongoing clashes in the northern Gaza Strip.

One was a commander in the Combat Engineering Corps’ Yahalom unit. The second was with the Israeli paratroopers Brigade’s 101st Battalion. Soldiers with the Israeli Paratroopers Brigade’s reconnaissance unit also sustained serious injuries in northern Gaza.

With the latest announcements, the number of fatalities among the Israeli army since October 7 has risen to at least 380.

The armed wing of Hamas, the al-Qassam brigades, and the armed wing of Palestinian Islamic Jihad, the al-Quds brigades, responded immediately to the massacre.

They conducted operations against the Israeli occupation forces in Gaza, its military bases, and the now deserted settlements being used by the regime’s forces on the outskirts of Gaza.

Moreover, the al-Qassam brigades announced it had targeted Tel Aviv with a missile barrage.

Al-Qassam members were also able to ambush an Israeli ground force and detonate a powerful explosive device against occupation soldiers southwest of Gaza, in addition to completely or partially destroying 17 Israeli vehicles in all areas of the Israeli ground forces in the Gaza Strip.

Earlier, it was announced that an Israeli military site and the Nirim settlement had been hit with a missile barrage, while a gathering of occupation ground forces east of Khan Yunis were struck with mortar shells.

In turn, the al-Quds brigades said it had destroyed an Israeli tank with tandem rounds in the Sheikh Radwan neighborhood, clashed with a unit of occupation soldiers, and targeted it with an RPG shell, inflicting heavy losses on Israeli troops in the same neighborhood.

Also, the al-Quds brigades announced it had targeted military bases in Be’eri and Miftahim settlements with missiles.

The brigades also targeted a group of occupation soldiers with mortar shells in an area that the resistance said was being used for intelligence.

Israeli media reported fierce and violent clashes between the Israeli occupation army and Hamas members in the al-Zaytoun neighborhood and Jabalia in the northern Gaza Strip.

The Palestinian resistance also said seven Israeli military vehicles in Tal al-Hawa and al-Sabra, southwest of Gaza City, had been targeted.

It also announced the striking of Sanati Gate, east of Khan Younis, where Israeli forces had taken position, with a barrage of mortar shells.
The Israeli attacks against civilian targets are continuing. Even humanitarian groups trying to deliver aid from Rafah have not been spared.

Doctors Without Borders released a statement on Sunday condemning what it said was a “deliberate attack” on one of its humanitarian convoys inside Gaza.

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