Sunil Dimple held a strong protest against PDD, burnt the copies of 15% hike tariff rate lists & demands to return our j&k slal, Uri power projects

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Jammu: Mission statehood workers held a strong protest against the J&K Govt and bhartiya janta party at Janipur Chowk. against the hike 15% electricity tariff, burnt the tariff copies of PDD 15% ike in power Tariff, out rightly rejected the increase in tariff and demanded to immediately withdraw the increased tariff.

Addressing the protesters Sunil Dimple said we are demanding the govt to return our slal uri power projects, stop hike in tariffs, provide free electricity to the people. But the BJP central govt is looting the poor people of j&k that is why today we burnt the tariff copies of PDD 15% ike in power tariff rate list & out rightly reject joint electricity regulatory commission rate list.

He allged J&k govt principal secretary in press conference, is a befooling by jugulars statements and is an eye wash, after two months again will impose excise duty.

Dimple demanded PM to return our Slal Uri power projects.

He said Kashmir region people are protesting against the electricity shortage on roads.

He said a similar position is in jammu region. people are protesting against prepaid smart meters as they are unable to pay heavy tariffs, wrong billing by the smart meters. But the govt to loot poor peple comes out with a new formula everyday and after two months will impose excise duty again.

Dimple alleged the people of kashmir, jammu, industries, factories, farmers are facing huge long, power cuts in minus, chilly winter.

He said the govt has installed prepaid smart metering and looting money.

He warned we will start janandolan in case the tariff increase was not withdrawn, smart metering installation was not stopped. .

He demanded free electricity & drinking water for the people.

He alleged the BJP govt is looting the poor families and giving no benefits to the poor, daily wagers, daily private workers.

Dimple demands the prime minister Modi & LG Manoj sinah, to stop our j&k power projects electricity, supply to other states, and first meet j&k people requirement.

Dimple alleged that the electricity of our power projects is being supplied in other states and j&k people of Kashmir, Chinab Valley, pier panjal suffering long duration cuts in this minus winter temperature.

Dimple alleged j&k power is sold in the whole country and we are getting smart meters in return and j&k people looted by installing the smart meters, privatization of power projects.

The other leaders S mangu Singh, S partap singh, S sunmukh singh, Sanjay Gupta, Rakesh Sharma, Jeet Kumar, Gopal dass, S Vikram singh and many others.

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