“My daughter felt like a queen in Gaza”

Israeli captives speak

“My daughter felt like a queen in Gaza”

A comparison between the Resistance’s treatment of captives and Israel’s humiliation of them
IRAN- Hamas treated their hostages so well that the Israeli regime has gone as far as censoring those who were released from speaking to the media. This is whilst the regime physically assaults and tortures Palestinian prisoners.

The Israeli regime has kept a tight lid on the freed hostages from speaking to the media about the conditions during their captivity.

It does appear that Hamas was and still is treating the Israeli hostages in such a humane manner that Israeli rulers are scared the world will see them for who they really are.

From all the photos released so far, the freed hostages appear to be in a stable physical condition. This is just one of the reasons why information about the conditions of their captivity has been very tightly controlled.

More so now than a few days ago.

Especially after Yocheved Lipschitz, a grandmother spilled the beans by saying the hostages were treated well and received medical care, including medication.

Lipschitz said the Hamas guards kept conditions clean and that the hostages were given one meal a day of cheese, cucumber and pita bread. She added her captors also ate the same.

We also know from Ruthy Munder, who told the regime’s Channel 13, that she was kept with her daughter, Keren, and grandson Ohad Munder-Zichri.

Initially, the family ate “chicken with rice, all sorts of canned food and cheese,” she said.

“We were okay,” Munder added.

The family was given tea in the morning and evening, and the children were given sweets.

But as “the economic situation” in the Gaza Strip worsened, people across the small Palestinian territory went hungry?, which meant food supplies to the hostages and menu changed as well.

The regime has maintained a tight siege on Gaza since it waged a war on the coastal enclave, leading to shortages of food, water, fuel and other basic items for 2.3 million people.

One day before Danielle Aloni was released alongside her young daughter Emilia, she penned a letter to Hamas.

Hamas’s armed wing, the al-Qassam Brigades, shared the handwritten letter on its official Telegram account on November 27.

The letter was written in Hebrew and is accompanied by an Arabic translation, alongside a photograph of the Israeli mother and her daughter. It reads:

“To the generals who accompanied us in recent weeks…I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the extraordinary humanity that you showed towards me and my daughter Emilia.

“You were like parents to her, inviting her to your room any time she wanted,” the letter said. “She leaves feeling like you’re all her friends, and not just friends, but very, very good friends.”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for the many hours of babysitting,” the letter reads.

She goes on to thank Hamas for “showering” her daughter with “candy, fruits, and whatever was available even when there wasn’t enough,” adding that her daughter will not leave Gaza with “psychological trauma.”

Danielle adds, “She (Emilia) acknowledges feeling like all of you are her friends, not just friends, but truly beloved and good.”

“Children should not be in captivity, but thanks to you and other kind people we met along the way, my daughter felt like a queen in Gaza,” she said.

Danielle ended her letter with compassion for Hamas, stating, “I will remember your kind behavior shown in spite of the difficult situation you faced and the severe losses you suffered here in Gaza.”

“I wish in this world we could truly be good friends,” she wrote and added her well wishes to Gazans. “I wish you all health and well-being … health and love to you and your families’ children.”

Thanks a lot
Daniel and Emilia

Danielle and Emilia were released by Hamas on November 24, along with other hostages.

It sets an idea why the occupation is censoring the information of captivity by the other hostages.

The humanity of the al-Qassem Brigades also debunks the Israeli propaganda campaign that spread about Hamas on October 7.

Perhaps more importantly, it also shows the sharp comparison of how the Israeli regime backed by the West brutally treats Palestinian women and children that it arrests and holds in administrative detention because of throwing stones.

This is the same Western countries, led by the United States and the United Kingdom, that support the Israeli occupation to the teeth and at the same time claim to be the global champions of human rights.

Essentially, the West has turned the reality of the moral nature of Hamas upside down, using terms such as “wild and cruel” to brand the Palestinian resistance.

On the other hand, the Westerners are washing the dirty hands of the regime, from a child-killing machine and bloodthirsty regime and army into “the only democracy” in West Asia and its alleged respect for human rights.

The reality on the ground is that the cabinet of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and all the cabinets that ruled the occupation regime before it have used the cruelest and most inhumane measures in dealing with Palestinians.

International rights organizations have documented the physical and psychological abuse, and torture of Palestinian men, women, and children in Israeli prisons and depriving them of their most basic human rights.

Palestinian children freed over the past few days have spoken of how Israeli prison guards increased their attacks and torture against them since October 7.

The majority of Palestinians are arrested by the Israeli military for no reason. Their only crime is throwing stones but they face prison sentences and administrative detention.
Israelis use administrative detention, a form of illegal incarceration, to keep Palestinians behind bars for six-month periods that can be extended indefinitely without charge or trial simply because there is no evidence to charge them.

Palestinian women and children are kidnapped at gunpoint and sent to jail. One young man lost his memory in solitary confinement. In March, the Israeli regime allowed another to die after he went on hunger strike in protest at his administrative detention.

More than half of the Palestinians released from Israeli jails in exchange for hostages were never charged, CNN reported.

Some 98 of the 150 prisoners freed were detained without charge, according to the news site.

Its figures showed 119 were children and 31 were women.

Amnesty International said earlier this month that the occupation regime had dramatically increased its use of administrative detention.

The Palestinian Authority Commission for Prisoners’ Affairs has said the number of Palestinians held by the regime has risen to nearly 8,000, including some 300 children and 72 women.

It added that this figure does not include prisoners from Gaza, which it said the Israelis have refused to disclose.

Ahed Tamimi, who rose to global prominence after a video of her slapping an Israeli soldier went viral in 2017, is on a list of 50 Palestinian prisoners released by Israeli authorities who might be freed in exchange for Israeli hostages.

Tamimi spent eight months in prison for the 2017 assault.

The now 22-year-old was arrested again on November 6 when the Israeli military raided her home in the occupied West Bank, accusing her of calling for resistance in a post on social media.

Her family has denied that she wrote the post, saying she is frequently hacked online.

The New York Times reported on Monday that Israel had moved to incarcerate her under administrative detention.

Citing her lawyer, Mahmoud Hassan, the Times reported that she faced indefinite imprisonment without charges or trial, based on evidence that neither she nor her lawyer are allowed to see.

“I’m hopeless to defend her,” Hassan said.

The comparison between the humanity of the Hamas resistance movement and the barbarity of the Israeli regime is clear for all to see, yet Western leaders and their mainstream media are deliberately misleading their audience with fake news and Zionist-led propaganda.

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