Imam Khamenei Main Supporter of Palestinian People

IRAN – Sheikh Mohammed Nimr Zaghmout, head of the Islamic Council of Palestine, said on Wednesday, November 29 at the international conference called “The Oppressed Gaza” that I was with the martyr Soleimani in the war against the Zionist Regime, and said, “Brothers and sisters, I am honored to serve you. I send greetings to all those who raise the flag of Islam for the victory of Palestine.”


The head of the Islamic Council of Palestine continued, “Islam brings people dignity and I swear to God, if Muslims are united, they will be able to change history.”


Sheikh Mohammed Nimr Zaghmout hailed the Messenger of God and the Commander of the Faithful (PBUT) and said,” I ask the Almighty God to put us on the righteous path, just as I was shoulder to shoulder with the martyr General Soleimani in southern Lebanon and northern Palestine, and martyrdom was granted to him, I ask almighty God to grant me martyrdom as well.”


He added, “Late Imam Khomeini (RA) marked a day for Quds and said that if you cannot rush to the presence of the Palestinians, help Palestine by raising their voice.”


Stating that Imam Khamenei is the main defender and supporter of the Palestinian people to reach final victory, the head of the Palestinian Islamic Council said,” I have come today as your brother and not as a speaker. Each and every one of you hastened to help the oppressed people of Palestine and the Iranian Supreme Leader was always our biggest supporter.”


Sheikh Mohammed Nimr Zaghmout went on to say that Imam Khamenei is the leader of all Muslims in the world, and pointed out,” I have come from Palestine and from southern Lebanon to inform you that the Islamic resistance is always defending the Palestinian people and stands firmly against Israel.”

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