Victory of BJP is triumph of self-reliant India, honesty, transparency, good governance: PM Modi

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NEW DELHI : Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that the victory of BJP in the assembly polls is the victory of self-reliant India, honest, transparency and good governance. Addressing BJP Karyakartas at party headquarters in New Delhi on Sunday evening, Mr Modi said, the victory is historic and unprecedented. He said, it is the victory of Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas. He said, today, the resolution of Atmanirbhar Bharat has won, the idea of preference for the deprived has won and the idea of the development of states for the development of the country has won.

The Prime Minister said, in this election, there were efforts to divide the country on caste lines. Mr Modi said, he keeps on saying that for him, four castes are important – Women, Youth, Farmer and Poor whose empowerment can strengthen the country. He said, people from these four castes have displayed enthusiasm towards BJP and every poor feels that he has won. Mr Modi emphasized that every first-time voter and every backward are feeling victorious in BJP’s win as they want to see developed India.

He said, the voter needs a well-defined roadmap to improve his lifestyle. Mr Modi said, India’s voter knows that when India moves forward then the state moves forward and the life of every family improves. So, he said, the voter is choosing the BJP continuously.

He said, be it in Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh or Telangana, the incumbent party was thrown out of power because it was against the youth and had scams in its tenure. Mr Modi said, dissatisfaction among youths over paper leak and recruitment scams led to ouster of governments in these states.

The Prime Minister said, today, the confidence among the youth of the country is continuously increasing that only BJP understands their aspirations and works for them. He said, the youth of the country knows that the BJP government is youth friendly and is going to create new opportunities for them.

Mr Modi said, these results will echo across the world and assure investors globally about India’s development potential. He said, entire world is witnessing that the people of India vote for a strong and stable government. The Prime Minister asserted that fulfilling the dreams of the countrymen, is his firm resolve.

Taking on opposition alliance, Mr Modi said, coming together on stage can yield good photo opportunities and media headlines, but cannot win peoples’ trust. The Prime Minister said, those abusing investigating agencies have been rejected and these victories are a warning to the alliance. Mr Modi said, this election result is also a public support for the fight against corruption

Mr Modi said, today’s mandate has also proved that there is zero tolerance against corruption, appeasement and familism. He said, the country thinks that if anyone is effective in eliminating these three evils, it is BJP only. Mr Modi said, the campaign against corruption launched by the BJP’s central government in the country is getting huge public support. He said, the people of the country today gave a clear message to those who do not feel the slightest shame in standing with the corrupt.
The Prime Minister said, today’s hattrick, BJP’s win in three states has given the guarantee of hattrick in 2024 General elections.

Source: ANB

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