Those Against Unity See Elections As the Ultimate Goal: Mehbooba Mufti

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Ganderbal : In a fervent address to a workers’ convention in Ganderbal, Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Democratic Party (JKPDP) Chief, Mehbooba Mufti, emphasised on unity being the only safeguard in face of the onslaught on rights and dignity of the people of J&K . She said that those against unity see elections and electoral victory as the ultimate goal.

“In present times, our very survival is being questioned. It is incumbent that we unite at all levels and think beyond elections and electoral victories. Those against unity see elections and electoral victory as their penultimate goal. This approach is antithetical to aspirations and expectation of our people from us,” Mehbooba said.

Underscoring a commitment to addressing the unspoken concerns and aspirations of the populace, Mehbooba said that said “I’m not here for elections but to articulate the silence of the people”.

“Our agenda has always been the advocacy for a permanent resolution and the safeguarding of democratic rights for the people of Jammu and Kashmir.,” she added.

She reiterated the party’s unwavering commitment to the principle of “People over Power.” Drawing inspiration from the founding ethos laid down by Mufti Muhammad Syed, she emphasized that Mufti Sahab has laid down a clear path to be adhered to by the party and any one who has compassion for the people of J&K.

Mehbooba Mufti pondered over the philosophy of Mufti Muhammad Syed, emphasizing his belief that prioritizing people’s interests over power was paramount. This philosophy manifested in the strategic political alliances he crafted based on Pro-People commitments , such as the Common Minimum Programme of the PDP-Congress coalition and the Agenda of Alliance between PDP and BJP.

These alliances, rooted in principled governance, aimed to ease the challenges faced by the people of Jammu and Kashmir by prioritising and executing a roadmap to bring peace with dignity to the lives of conflict ravaged people of J&K.

Mehbooba said that these alliances sometimes involved compromises from the national parties, even on issues contrary to the long-standing political agenda of parties like the BJP. However, Mufti Muhammad Syed’s moral courage played a pivotal role in persuading allies to work collectively for the welfare of the region.

Ms Mufti affirmed that the PDP continues to adhere to these guiding principles, refusing to shy away from articulating the pain and miseries faced by the people. Despite the costs involved, the party remains resolute in facing challenges since 2018 to give voice to the sentiments and aspirations of the people of Jammu and Kashmir.
Organisation Secretary Dr Mehboob Beg also spoke on the occasion.
Others who were also present include Waheed ur Rehman Parra Youth President, Senior Leader Bashir Ahmad Mir, District President Zahoor Ahmad Rather, DDC’s Sheikh Bilal Ahmad, MOhd Yousuf, Rozi Jan, Zone Presidents & Block Presidents of Ganderbal.

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