Operation Al-Aqsa Storm expanded boundaries of resistance : Raisi

IRNA – Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi has said that the Operation Al-Aqsa Storm has expanded the boundaries of the resistance to the whole world, expressing assurance that the Palestinian people will win the ongoing war just as other regional nations emerged victorious against the US and its allies.

“The Operation Al-Aqsa Storm has expanded the boundaries of the resistance from the [West Asia] region to the entire world. We have no doubt that the Palestinian people will win this war as Iraqi, Syrian, Yemeni and Lebanese nations emerged victorious against America and its allies,” Raisi said on Saturday, referring to the unprecedented operation Palestine’s Hamas Resistance Movement launched against the Israeli regime from the Gaza Strip on October 7.

The president made the comments in a meeting with Syrian Prime Minister Hussein Arnous in Tehran.

Raisi said that the Palestinian resistance, despite lacking air and sea force, has defamed the Zionist regime and its main supporter the United States, arguing that they have not achieved any of their goals over more than 60 days of war except for the killing of innocent women and children.

The Zionist regime would have definitely collapsed by now if it had not received intelligence, military, security, financial and media assistance of the US, he said.

The president also referred to the unprecedented hatred and anger towards the Israeli regime in the world public opinion. He said, that shows the Islamic Republic has been adopting the right stance over the past 43 years that this regime is fake and criminal.

The Iranian president and the Syrian prime minister discussed relations between the two countries as well.

The president described Tehran-Damascus relations as deep-rooted and strategic, and expressed satisfaction over the implementation of many of the agreements he and his Syrian counterpart had reached during Raisi’s trip to Syria earlier this year.

Arnous called the trip a turning point in the strategic ties between the two countries, saying that the fact that Raisi’s visit has been fruitful is an indication of the seriousness of the two countries’ top officials to further expand mutual cooperation.

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