Hera Pheri Returns, 59 Crore Scam Shakes J&K, Protest Rock Against Youtuber Idrees Mir, Yawar wani for promoting web Trap.


Srinagar : A 59 Core scam has shaken the valley after an App promising the double of investment of money suddenly disappeared today in Srinagar.

A financial scandal involving Creative Curative Surveys Pvt. Ltd. has flooded social media in Jammu and Kashmir. The app is accused of collecting a huge amount of 59 crores from common investors.

That The app’s promise to double investments within 10 to 15 days has left users in the dark, with the application now unresponsive, leading protests outside its closed office in Srinagar.

Protesters in Srinagar blamed to popular YouTuber Idrees Mir, whose endorsement allegedly wins trust of common public to invest. Yawar Wani another social media influenceer is also said to be the another brand ambassador for the app who even claimed he has however verified the app’s credibility, security personally.

When KNS contacted Youtuber Idrees Mir, After repeated attempts of calls he didn’t respond.

Meanwhile , Calls for action are mounting, urging the cyber police of Kashmir to swiftly investigate and hold those responsible accountable. The situation is evolving, with investors anxiously seeking justice against the financial loss.

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