Hamas will only accept ‘all-for-all’ prisoner exchange: Report

IRNA – The leader of the Hamas resistance movement in the Gaza Strip has informed intermediaries in the ongoing ceasefire talks that the only available option for the Israeli regime is a prisoner exchange based on the “all-for-all” principle, according to Israeli media.

The Zionist news network Kan, citing an informed Egyptian source, disclosed the ongoing process of indirect negotiations aimed at reaching a new ceasefire agreement between Palestinian resistance forces and the Israeli regime.

The source said Yahya Sinwar, the Hamas leader in Gaza, has sent a message to the intermediaries, stressing that the time for any temporary agreement has passed, leaving the “all-for-all” exchange of prisoners as the sole remaining option.

In line with these developments, the Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar also reported that negotiations between Israel and Hamas regarding a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip are ongoing.

The newspaper said that the principle of freeing one Israeli captive in exchange for 10 Palestinian prisoners remains on the table.

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