Elections prevent dictatorship, chaos, instability: Supreme Leader

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IRNA – Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has said that holding elections prevents dictatorship, chaos, and instability in the country.

The two words “Republic” and “Islamic” are both related to elections, he said on Saturday in a meeting with the people of Khuzestan and Kerman. “Republic means democracy, which means the rule of the country by the people.”

“Some raise issues with the necessity of elections and discourage (people). They do not pay attention to the fact that if there are no elections in the country, it is either a dictatorship, anarchy, or insecurity,” he maintained.

Elsewhere in his speech, Ayatollah Khamenei alluded to the Zionist regime’s war on Gaza, saying no one in the world distinguishes between the occupying regime, the US, and the UK anymore.

“The US shamelessly vetoes the Security Council resolution for a ceasefire, unmasking the face of the Western civilization,” he said.

“The great victory of the Palestinian nation is that they discredited the West and the US and their false claims of human rights.”


‘No doubt Israeli regime will be eradicated’

He asserted that there should be no doubt that the usurping Zionist regime will be one day eradicated from the face of the earth.

“God willing, this promise is one of the certainties of the future. Young people, see that day with your own eyes. With God’s help and strength, and with God’s permission and glory, this will happen, and God willing, I hope that you the youth would see that day with your own eyes,” he noted.

He also pointed to the upcoming elections in Iran, including the Assembly of Experts and the Parliament, calling on all people to cast their votes in the polls to determine the country’s future.

“These two elections should be held gloriously,” he said, highlighting the roles of the Assembly of Experts and the Parliament in moving the country forward.

“If the turnout is low, the Parliament will be weak, and the weak parliament will not be fully able to solve the problems,” he warned.

“If we want to resolve the problems, we must increase participation. This is everyone’s duty. Whoever wants to resolve the country’s problems, this is the path.”

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