US, Israel must face trial for crimes against humanity: Iran president

IRNA – Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi says the United States and the Zionist regime of Israeli must face trial in the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity.

President Raisi made the remark on Saturday while addressing the Tehran International Conference on Palestine, which has brought together global leaders, intellectuals, and media activists to discuss the Israeli war of aggression against Gaza.

President Raisi reiterated that the Palestinian cause is not only central to the Islamic world, but also crucial for humanity as a whole.

Highlighting the tragic consequences of Israeli atrocities, including the massacre of women and children and destruction of residential buildings in Gaza, Raisi expressed deeper regret over the unwarranted support extended by the United States and certain Western countries for these crimes.

“During the Gaza conflict, the true face of the United States and many Western powers has been exposed. They are not advocates for peace but rather one of the parties to the war,” he declared.

“They have vetoed any resolution proposed for a ceasefire at the United Nations. They provided the Zionist regime with full access to their military, financial, and security resources,” he added.

The Iranian president further criticized the inefficiency of international organizations and human rights bodies in the face of the unfolding tragedy in Gaza, and blamed the “unjust global order” for allowing such heinous crimes against humanity to persist.

He said the Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands is the root cause of the decades-long conflict, adding that those advocating the recognition of the Zionist regime should answer whether the continuation of occupation brings any legitimacy for it.

Furthermore, President Raisi called for an immediate cessation of Israeli attacks on Gaza and condemned the forced displacement of Palestinians from the besieged territory.

“The forced displacement of the people of Gaza is on the agenda of Americans,” he said.

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