Gen. Soleimani destroyed Israel’s invincibility: Hakam Amhaz

TEHRAN, Jan. 01 – Martyr Soleimani nullified the presumption that the Israeli regime cannot be defeated, a Lebanese analyst says.

In an interview with Mehr News Agency, Hakam Amhaz said that Soleimani’s role in the recent Palestinian victories turned the Israeli regime from a so-called great power to a weak force at war with the Axis of Resistance.

The role of Martyr Soleimani is pivotal and highly strategic in the Palestinian issue. In this regard, he promoted the Palestinian Resistance from using light weapons to employing very important weapons such as ballistic missiles, advanced drones, and important fighting technologies, he added.

We can also introduce and describe martyr General Soleimani as the central authority in the operations of the Resistance in Palestine because he was the initiator of tunneling in Gaza and transferring arms to Palestine in certain ways, the analyst added.

Soleimani changed the equations between the Islamic Resistance of Palestine and the Zionist regime by arming the Palestinians, to the point where wars were already taking place in the Arab region, not inside the occupied territories of Palestine, Amhaz further noted.

Gen. Soleimani destroyed Israel's invincibility: Hakam Amhaz

Today, we see the role of martyr Soleimani in the war inside occupied Palestine, which means that the Palestinian Islamic Resistance is targeting Tel Aviv and the areas of Zionist settlements, and these wars are not taking place outside occupied Palestine, he underscored.

Also, martyr Soleimani transferred to the Palestinian Islamic Resistance a strategy of war so that he provided tactical and planned engineering that was considered a threat in the fight against the Zionist regime, he added.

Today it is the Islamic resistance of Palestine that imposes the equations on the enemy in the battlefield, which was not the case in the past, he pointed out.

In fact, we are analyzing an era before the Islamic Revolution in Iran, Amhaz said.

What was the situation of Palestine and the Palestinian Resistance before the Revolution? What was the status and condition of the Arab and Islamic nations?

In the worst-case scenario, there was disappointment, frustration, and failure.

As a result, there was no hope for the liberation of Palestine and victory over the Israeli regime, but today there has been a great change.

The disappointment has turned into hope, and this hope has opened up the possibility of freedom and great victory.

There is evidence that Lebanon liberated itself from Israel, and Gaza liberated itself from the Israeli military, and the Resistance changed Israel’s equations, and the myth of Israel. The Israeli military’s domination has collapsed.

The wish and dream of Greater Israel from the Euphrates to the Nile were destroyed, as well as the destruction of this false slogan; Israel is behind walls in the West Bank, on the second border on the Gaza border, so all these creations and initiatives put forward by Martyr Soleimani.

One of the strategic changes in the battle with Israel was realized through many achievements and long jihadist routes.

Therefore, we cannot limit the role of martyr Soleimani in certain areas in defense of the Resistance.

For instance, when we talk about the arming of the Resistance by Soleimani, not that he was directly behind this support, but that he trained the Resistance and was the innovator of a strategic way to fight the Zionist regime and teach how to apply missile bombing strategy and strategic targeting.

Gen. Soleimani destroyed Israel's invincibility: Hakam Amhaz

Martyr Soleimani also brought about many changes and changes. When we talk about changing the equations, or about the tunnel and many other issues, we see martyr Soleimani behind all of these plans, and many political observers have repeatedly elaborated on the issue.

For example, regarding the subject of the tunnels; Palestinian leaders acknowledge that Soleimani and Emad Mughniyeh put forward the idea. The novel initiative helped weaken the Zionist regime so that this regime needs help against the Axis of Resistance today and is on the verge of collapse. In return, Palestine’s liberation has climbed up on the priority list while it was already at the bottom.

Soleimani could be considered a thinker and international combatant. When we talk about Che Guevara’s role in Latin America, he was just an international revolutionary against imperialism in the US, the analyst stated.

But it can be said that the Commander had a more comprehensive role because he resisted and fought against imperialism, the Zionist regime, the terrorists, and the Takfiris of Daesh and had a comprehensive resistance, Amhaz added.

“He played a pivotal role in changing the equations at regional and international levels, and we can even say that his role was pivotal in changing strategic equations at the level of conflict and bipolar arena between the United States, Russia, and China.”  (MNA)

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