Iran powerful position lays ground for expanding coop.

IRAN– The Iranian president considered Iran’s powerful position as laying a suitable ground for expanding relations and cooperation with other countries on the international stage.

Speaking in the meeting with six newly appointed Iranian ambassadors on Tuesday, Ebrahim Raeisi considered the powerful position of Iran as laying suitable ground for expanding relations and cooperation with other countries and regional and international organizations, advising Iran representatives and ambassadors to take advantage of Iran’s status in the best possible way.

The Iranian president stressed the capacities and suitable fields available for developing cooperation with many countries of the world and the desire of those countries to improve the level of relations with Iran.

He asked the new ambassadors in line with the policy of the government to focus on developing interactions with Islamic countries and use all the potential to strengthen relations with the destination countries.

The president asked the ambassadors to intensify their efforts to examine the fields of cooperation for strengthening relations and sharing mutual achievements between Iran and the destination countries and follow up on the agreements’ implementation seriously.

In the meeting, the ambassadors of Iran in South Africa, Oman, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in Jeddah, Thailand, Belgium and Brunei explained the potentials of the country and the plans and goals of their mission.

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