Hezbollah to start all-out war in case of Israeli aggression

IRAN – Hezbollah’s secretary general says Hezbollah fighters are ready to start an all-out war and limits will disappear if Israeli enemy wages an all-out war on Lebanon.

Hezbollah Secretary General Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah delivered a speech on the fourth anniversary of top Resistance commanders General Qassem Suleimani and Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis on Wednesday.

At the start of his speech, Hassan Nasrallah reiterated condolences and felicitations on the martyrdom of General Suleimani, Hajj Al-Muhandis and their Iraqi companions.

He further condemned terrorist attack in Iran’s Kerman, offering condolences to the families of the martyrs.

Meanwhile, he offered felicitations on Sayyeda Az-Zahraa (A.S.) Birthday and the advent of the new year.

Nasrallah further offered condolences on the death of Hezbollah official Hajj Mohammad Yaghi and the martyrdom of the IRGC commander Sayyed Radhi Al-Moussawi in an Israeli attack on Damascus countryside.

He also offered condolences on the martyrdom of Hamas official Sheikh Saleh Al-Arouri.

The Hezbollah secretary general went on to extend condolences on the martyrdom of the Resistance fighters in Lebanon and Gaza.

“Martyr Suleimani’s image, might and determination are present in all fields of resistance,” he said, adding that ” All the resistance achievements rely mainly on the sacrifices of martyr Suleimani.”

“One of the main features of the loyalty of martyr Suleimani to the resistance was that he used to help every group to reach self-sufficiency,” the Hezbollah leader further said about the assassinated Iranian general.

“Iraqi paramilitary and resistance fighters found Martyr Suleimani as the main supporter,” he continued to say, adding that the “US occupation forces were expelled from Iraq in 2011, thanks to the Iraqi resistance supported by Martyr Suleimani.”

“Martyr Suleimani contributed mainly to sustaining ties among the resistance groups in the entire region under the title of Axis of Resistance”, according to Nasrallah, adding that, “Martyr Suleimani was keen on sustaining the communication among the resistance groups in order to coordinate the acts of confronting the Israeli enemy.”

“Resistance groups in the region act according to the conditions of the country they exist in despite the strategic agreement on identifying the enemies, friends and targets,” he added, while saying that “Some political writers and analysts think that Iran orders all the Axis of Resistance, as some regimes do with the groups they control.”

“Axis of Resistance is joined by masters who take their decisions independently, not servants who obey regulations blindly,” he said, “Axis of resistance has been facing the most serious challenge since the start of the Zionist war on Gaza on October 8.”

“When we observe the grandiosity of the outcomes of the ongoing confrontation with the Israeli enemy, we will become satisfied and more determined to continue,” according to Hezbollah leader, adding that “The first outcome is revitalizing the Palestinian cause after it was about to be thrown in oblivion.”

“The second outcome is striking the bet on the exhaustion of the Palestinian people and resistance,” Nasrallah said, adding that, “The third outcome is the rise of the popular support to the resistance groups in Palestine.”

“The fourth outcome is the moral fall of ‘Israel’ and its image before the international community,” he further noted, adding that “The fifth outcome is striking the normalization path between some Arab regimes and the occupation entity.”

“The sixth outcome is the appearance of the Israeli entity as the main violator of international laws,”  he said, adding “The seventh outcome is smashing the deterrence power of the Israeli enemy.”

“The eighth outcome is overthrowing the information superiority of the Israeli enemy,” he said, adding that, “The ninth outcome is the Israeli failure to reach a swift victory.”

“The tenth outcome is the failure of the Israeli air force to settle the battle” Nasrallah said, adding that “Nasrallah to Israeli defense minister: You will never be able to achieve the targets of the war on Gaza.”

“The twelfth outcome is eradicating the Israeli image of capability and power,” Hezbollah leader said, adding that “The thirteenth outcome is the military failure and the psychological repercussions of the war on the Israelis.”

‘The fourteenth outcome is the Israeli failure to reach any of the war objectives,” he said, adding that, ” The fifteenth outcome is deepening the internal strife among the Israelis.”

“The sixteenth outcome is smashing the American image and presenting USA as the main violator of the international laws,” Nasrallah went on to say, adding that “The seventeenth outcome is the failure of the international organization to protect the civilians in Gaza.”

“All the Lebanese must acknowledge that only power can protect them from the Israeli aggression,” he continued, adding that “Hezbollah joined the battle to support the Palestinian people and resistance in Gaza.”

“Had not Hezbollah joined the battle on October 8, the Israeli enemy would have waged a surprising war on Lebanon,” Hezbollah leader further underscored.

“Resistance power in Lebanon has prevented the Israeli war on Lebanon,” he noted.

“Hezbollah fighters are ready to start an all-out war in case of any Israeli aggression on Lebanon,” the secretary general of the Lebanese Resistance movement further said.

“Up till now Hezbollah is engaging in tuned battle with the Israeli enemy, but limits will disappear if ‘Israel’ wages an all-out war on Lebanon,”

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