Int’l Conference on Martyr Soleimani to Be Held

The international conference “Hajj Qassim from the perspective of the elders of religions” is organized by the World Assembly of Qademun and the World Assembly of Islamic Awakening in cooperation with Anwar Rasool Azam Cultural Institute.


This conference will be attended by Dr. Velayati, International Advisor to Iran’s Supreme Leader, Seyyed Abdul Qadir Al Alusi, President of Rabat Mohammadi Ulama Council of Iraq, Maulvi Ishaq Madani, President of the Supreme Council of Al-Aqreem Assembly, Rabbi Hamami Lalezar, the religious leader of Iran’s Jews, Sheikh Ghazi Hanifah, President of the Assembly of Ahlul Ulemas of Sunni Muslims of Lebanon, Dr. Moghaddam Far, adviser to the Commander in Chief of the Guards Corps, Munzer Al-Saifi, adviser to the Minister of Endowment of Oman, Father Domadius, priest of the Egyptian Orthodox Church, Ezzeddin Balaid, the leader of the Sadat nobles of Libya, Sheikh Khalil Afra, the head of the Bushehr Province Aftai Board, and Sharif Walid Hamadoosh, the head of the Russian Muslim Community. The event will be held at 8:00 p.m. on Monday, January 8, and will be broadcast live on the Safir internet network at

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