Raju Chandel asks Myanmar- Bangladesh residents to adopt Hinduism if they want to live in India

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( Azad Hind Fauj was established and was part of united India from Myanmar )
JAMMU:15 jan./ Hindutva leader Shri Raju Chandel addressed journalists today, emphasizing that residents of Jammu and Kashmir, infiltrators from Myanmar, should either return to Myanmar or stay in India by adopting Hinduism.
Chandel expressed concern over the large number of infiltrators from Bangladesh and Myanmar in Jammu and Kashmir, who have forcibly occupied resources meant for local residents by obtaining fake documents like Aadhar cards, ration cards, and voter IDs.
He urged the government to issue a directive allowing those who adopt Hinduism to stay in India, while strict action should be taken against infiltrators who refuse to do so, including imprisonment and deportation.
Highlighting the historical connection between Myanmar and India, Chandel recalled that Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose had established the Azad Hind Fauj in Myanmar during World War II, with a significant population of Hindu Sanatanis still residing there.
Chandel appealed to Home Minister Amit Shah to grant permission for those embracing Hinduism in Myanmar to stay in India, emphasizing that those who do not should either face imprisonment or be sent back to their respective countries.
He also raised concerns about the political support some infiltrators receive from various parties in different states, providing them with government facilities. Chandel specifically mentioned the involvement of Congress, CPI(M), JD(U), AAP, Trinamool Congress, and others, alleging that these parties support infiltrators for the sake of vote banks.

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