9-Dey system unveiled in Defenders of Sky of Velayat Drill

TEHRAN– During the operational phase of the joint specialized air defense exercise “Defenders of the Sky of Velyat 2023,” various targets at low altitude were shot down by Iranian-made 9-Dey short-range missile system.

“The short-range and low-altitude air defense system ‘9-Dey’ produced by the IRGC Aerospace Force successfully intercepted and destroyed the targets assigned by the country’s integrated air defense network in the air defense specialized exercise of the Defenders of the Sky of Velayat 2023,” Brigadier General Abbas Farajpour, the spokesman of the specialized air defense exercise dubbed Defenders of the Sky of Velayat 2023 told reporters.

“Paying attention to the issue of defense against electronic and cyber attacks and the capabilities of homegrown systems in this field is one of the achievements of this drill, because the air defense systems of the army and the IRGC confronted hostile targets in this exercise in an electronic warfare environment,” he added.

The integration of security in the field of cyber-electronics and the continuity of communication at all levels and layers of communication are among the issues that have been given serious attention and emphasis in the maneuver, he added.

Dey-9 missile system, Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) achievement in short-range air defense was unveiled last year but it was in this exercise the operationalization phase of the system was displayed.  (MNA)

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