At least 10 terrorist teams involved in Kerman attack dismantled

TEHRAN – Iran’s deputy interior minister announced on Sunday that intelligence forces have neutralized multiple terror teams since Daesh carried out an attack on the southeastern city of Kerman in early January.

“After the terrorist operation in Kerman, more than ten terrorist teams have been identified and dismantled by intelligence agencies until today,” Majid Mirahmadi told Iranian media.

He said intelligence and armed forces in the country are tirelessly working to make sure that an attack similar to what happened on January 3 will not happen again.

“The Islamic Republic’s policy against terrorist groups is an offensive policy, not defensive, similar to the recent attack on the terrorists residing and occupying Idlib, Syria,” the deputy minister explained referring to Iran’s Tuesday airstrikes against Deash strongholds in the Arab country.

Mirdamadi noted that Israel is the main force supporting terrorists in the region and Iran will do anything to bring this vicious entity to its knees.

The twin explosions that ripped through Kerman happened on the 4th martyrdom anniversary of Iran’s anti-terror icon Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani. 94 people lost their lives as a result of the blasts and dozens more were injured.

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