Raisi calls for expansion of economic, cultural ties with Turkiye

IRAN – Iranian President Ehrabim Raisi has underscored that Iran and Turkiye have diverse capacities, which can be utilized for expanding economic and cultural cooperation.

President Raisi participated in a joint meeting of Iranian and Turkish businessmen in Ankara on Wednesday night, saying that the two countries agreed on increasing trade exchanges by $30 billion per annum. He noted that businessmen are expected to shoulder the responsibility to achieve this goal.

He added that the two heads of state underlined during their Wednesday consultations that they are determined to deepen and strengthen bilateral relations; thus, officials on both sides are expected to facilitate the cooperation.

The Iranian president further noted that the Islamic Republic attaches importance to the development of economic ties with Muslim and neighboring states.

According to the Iranian chief executive, the increase in the volume of trade exchanges between the two nations will positively affect both the region and the world.

Raisi voiced satisfaction with the efforts being made to remove obstacles in the way of economic collaborations, expressing hope that the meeting with businessmen of both countries will create a turning point in the mutual trade and economic ties.

On Wednesday, the president also took part in a meeting with Iranian expatriates in Turkiye, stressing that the upgrade of the cultural relationship between the two nations is also of great importance.

He urged the expatriates to maintain ties with the culture and identity of their ancestral land and pointed to the very good capacities in Iran for investment in the economic activities of the Islamic country.

President Raisi also called for efforts to begin Persian language studies in Turkiye, urging Iran’s ambassador to Ankara to remove obstacles regarding the renovation of Iranian cultural centers in the neighboring country.

The chief executive called on Iran’s embassy staff to fight against propaganda campaigns, which he said try to distort realities on the ground in the Islamic country.

He emphasized that his administration considers the expatriates as Iranian citizens and there is no difference between Iranians inside and outside the country.

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