Save Burn Nallha from encroachers, former Srinagar Mayor seeks LG Manoj Sinha’s intervention


Srinagar : Former Srinagar Mayor Junaid Azim Mattu has expressed anguish over the brazen encroachment of Burn Nallah in Khimber area of Nishat in Srinagar outskirt.

He has also accused some land brokers of grabbing land from the ‘Lakes Conservation and Management Authority’ (LCMA) at the Karpora basin on Dal Lake.

In a series of tweets, Junaid Azim Mattu alleged that land brokers have not only grabbed the Burn Nallah but also are being eying the reclaimed land of LC&MA in the Dal Lake. He has appealed to LG Manoj Sinha and Jammu and Kashmir Police to stop this wanton loot of land that belongs to the people of Valley.

Mattu said that these actions have put ecology on the verge of disaster.

Netizens have appreciated the former Mayor for highlighting this sensitive issue

He said it turns out the destruction and obliteration of the Burn Naalah has been duly permitted. He asked how did Naalah become “proprietary land”? and why is this land being leveled in the middle of the night and what’s being hidden?

Requesting authorities to save the Burn Nallah and save the Khimber, Junaid Azim Mattu said that crores have been spent as recently as 2008 for watershed management by LC&MA and today this Naalah has shockingly disappeared and is being divided into plots by land brokers.

He has also posted several photographs depicting the encroachment of this Nallah.

In one of the tweets, Mattu wrote that in yet another shocking revelation, a reclaimed water area belonging to JKLC&MA of almost 100 kanals in Karpora basin on Dal Lake is being cultivated for profits by the same notorious brokers who have received 150 kanals in kickback in Khimber.

“An entire Naalah has disappeared in Khimber, Hazratbal and has been replaced almost overnight with plots, walls and fences. Let us unite to “find” the missing Burn Naalah in Khimber and save the future of our coming generations from an imminent ecological disaster,” he tweeted.

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