Lebanon Shia Assembly VP meets with Grand Ayat. Sistani

    IRAN – Sheikh Ali Al-Khatib, Vice President of the Supreme Islamic Assembly of Shiites of Lebanon, who has traveled to Iraq, met with Grand Ayatollah Sistani in his office in Najaf Ashraf on Friday, January 26.


Sheikh Ali al-Khatib said after the meeting, “We visited the office of Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Sistani and this was a blessed meeting near the shrine of Hazrat Amirul Momineen (peace be upon him).”


He added, “The Grand Ayatollah paid full attention to our affairs at the Shia level and at the regional level and the difficult events that are taking place there, especially regarding the injustice and cruelty that is being carried out by the Zionist criminal killing machine against the Palestinian people.”


Sheikh al-Khatib further noted,” We depend on the role of Shia authority, especially in Iraq, which played an important role in liberating Iraq from terrorism.”


The Vice President of the Supreme Islamic Shia Council pointed out,” Grand Ayatollah Sistani wished the people of Lebanon to be saved from crises and asked God to save Lebanon. In turn, we wished him long life and health so that His Eminence may continue his great role in saving Iraq, protecting it from terrorism and achieving Islamic unity.”


At the end, Sheikh Al-Khatib said,” We have informed Ayatollah Sistani about the situation in Lebanon and the role of the Shiite Supreme Islamic Assembly in the direction of the solidarity and unity of the Lebanese and protecting the country emphasizing the role of Islamic resistance, as well as providing any assistance possible, which is what the Shia source of emulation has praised.”

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