ICJ ruling on Gaza genocide reflects our demand: Erdogan


IRAN – Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has welcomed an interim ruling delivered by the International Court of Justice over the Gaza genocide case that was filed by South Africa against the Zionist regime.

“The decision of the International Court of Justice reflects our slogan that the world is bigger than the five countries (permanent members of the United Nations Security Council) with veto”, Erdogan said while reacting to the ruling by the top UN court.

He asked Israel to pay attention to the voices of society and international institutions and immediately stop its attacks and killings of Palestinians.

Erdogan welcomed the provisional decision of The Hague court, describing it as “valuable”. “We will continue to follow the court process to ensure that the war crimes committed against innocent Palestinians do not go unpunished,” he said.

Many countries, including Iran and some European nations have hailed a special verdict announced by the world court over South Africa’s complaint against the Israeli regime for committing genocide in Gaza. They called on the Zionist regime to abide by the ruling.

According to the ruling, the Israeli regime must take necessary measures to prevent crimes of genocide and improve the humanitarian situation in Gaza.


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