Congress makes key appointments in Himachal, Jharkhand, Tamil Nadu and Jammu & Kashmir as LS polls approach

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New Delhi : The All India Congress Committee (AICC) appointed President for two disitricts in Himachal Pradesh and State Chairman, State Co-Chairman and State Co-Coordinator for Jharkhand , Tamil Nadu and Jammu & Kashmir on Tuesday ahead of Lok Sabha polls.

In an official statement released by the party on January 30, Congress General Secretary K C Venugopal said, “Congress President has approved the proposal of the appointment of Suman Bharti as the President of the Hamirpur District Congress Committee (DCC) and Ses Ram Azad as President of Kullu DCC with immediate effect.”

In another press release, K C Venugopal stated that the AICC has approved the proposal of the appointment of Chairmen, Coordinators and Co-Coordinators of Social Media Department of Jharkhand, Tamil Nadu, and Jammu & Kashmir Pradesh Congress Committees with immediate effect.

The Jharkhand list includes Gajendra Kumar Singh as State Chairman, Nalin Mishra, Sanjay Kumar and Prashant Pandey as State Co-Coordinator and Bhavesh Bhushan, Bablu Das, Lawanglanta Nirala, Rajput Ramdeo Singh, Sheikh Shafique Ansari, Avishek Manav, Shankar Bedia, Bhola Das, Ashish Mukhi, Arvind Kumar Saini, Umar Ali Ansari and Ashwani Kumar Anand as State Co-Coordinator.

The Tamil Nadu list includes K T Lakshmi Kanthan as state Chairman, V Jayaprakash Krishna as state coordinator, and R Navaneetha Kannan, D Singraj and Ravikumar as state Co-Coordinator.

The Jammu and Kashmir list includes Jatin K Raina as State Chairman, Sheikh Javed as State Co-Chairman and Jevan Tirth Santora and Asif Iqbal Butt as State Co-Coordinator.

Notably, the fresh appointment of leaders in the Congress comes as the party is preparing to take on Bhartiya Janata Party in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

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