Iran’s satellite launches frustrated enemy plots: Raisi

IRAN – Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi says Iran’s successful launch of eleven satellites into orbit in the past two years has frustrated the enemy’s plot to isolate the country through sanctions.

Addressing a conference on National Space Technology Day on Saturday, Raisi said gaining a foothold in space is a source of strength, hope, and wealth for the country.

He said that Iran has sent eleven satellites into orbit since the beginning of his administration, including the most recent ones that included Soraya, Mahda, Keyhan and Hatef satellites.

“They tried to stop and isolate Iran with sanctions, but these eleven successful launches defeated both the sanctions and the plot to isolate the Islamic Republic,” he said.

The president also called Iran’s progress in the field of space a manifestation of the phrase “we can”, as well as a sign of turning sanctions and threats into opportunities.

“The Islamic Republic was ranked 45, but today it is among the top 10 countries in the world in the field of space,” he continued.

He pointed to the growth in the number of satellites being developed in his administration, saying the number will reach 30 by the end of the current Iranian calendar year ending on March 19.

President Raisi also said another satellite will be launched by the yearend.

“It seems that we could have conquered these areas and reached [geosynchronous orbit] earlier, but some people did not want to,” he stated.

He hastened to add that a nation that willed to take back its independence and freedom on February 19, 1979, has now willed to have a strong presence in space and will succeed against all odds.


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