Sunil Dimple president Mission Statehood jammu kashmir has Appealed all the Regional political parties Congress, NC, PDP, DAP Azad, Apni Party to unite. “TO STOP the BJP entry in the j&k” state

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Dimple said all Regional parties should unite otherwise they will Loose all the Parliament seats of j&k and after that BJP will also not hold Assembly elections in j&k

Dime congratlated & Extended, Full support to the Demands of Ladakh complete band call Today.

Dimple said Mission statehood, is fighting a Battle for the return of the Articles 370,35-a, j&k state, unification of POK, GILGIT, BLATISTAN, ladakh in J&k

He said the j&k political parties and people should learn the Unity formulas, take courage from Ladakh people & should fallow the Mission statehood Vision document, to save the j&k Demography.

He said he is having full support of Janmu kashmir people along with the people of Ladakh, POK, gilgit, Blatistan & from abroad, who want united and unification in j&k state

Dimple said he won the Battle in SC Verdict on restoration of j&k state and holding of Assembly Elections, but in case BJP wins. BJP will avoid holding Assembly Elections and delaying restoration of j&k state back.

He said again he will have to go in SC. For thd justice.

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